Crystal Grid Master Course Companion Kit #2


 Description: This is companion set number 2 to the Crystal Grid Master  Course. It is complete with seven sets of stones and a single focus stones and a basic instruction guide for assembly of each grid.  It makes Grids 6 thru 10 of the course.

This kit allows for the construction of 5 grids that are taught in the Crystal Grid Master Course.  Be advised you can make one grid at a time as the stones are reused on the different grids.  The kit is very flexible in that you can use the stones  on your own backgrounds and make many other grids.

The kit consists of

A:  Seven different tumbled stones and one clear quartz point.  Covid-19 Note: The supply of  Malachite and Rhodonite has dried up for awhile.

We have substituted Chrysoprase, a Transformer crystals for the Malachite on grids where the Builder Crystal energy is needed.  There are no Builder Energy crystals available. The Chrysoprase Transformer energy will work as well on the grids in the course work.

We have substituted Red Aventurine for the uses on grids calling for the Scarlet Ray where the course text suggests Rhodonite.  These actually have better scarlet color.

B:  Five backgrounds grids:  Deal with Stress, Follow your Dreams, Inspiration, Magic, and Courage

C:  Instruction sheet

This kit makes five grids – grids number 6-10 of the Advancd Crsytal Grid Course. NOTE:  It makes one at at time as the stones are reused on several grids.


Grid 6:  Deal With Stress – The Ashoka Chakra

Focus Stone:  Clear Quartz Point

Way Stones: Amazonite to filter out negativity

Desire Stones: Garnet for their Strengthener class energy


Grid 7   Courage – Star of David 

Focus Stone:  Clear Quartz Point

Way Stones: Garnets for their Enhancer energy to enhance self confidence

Desire Stones:  Aventurine for its Transformer energy to transform our doubting


Grid 8 Magic – Borromean Rings

Focus Stone:  Clear Quartz Point

Way Stones:  Aventurine for its Seeker energy to find opportunitie

Desire Stones: Amazonite to Filter out the negative elements of family life.

Grid 9: Inspiration – Cross 

Focus Stone: Clear Quartz Point

Way Stones: Malachite for its Builder class energy to build up  new ideas

Desire Stones: Emerald for its Energizer energy to get us inspired.


Grid 10  Follow your dreams – Spiral

Focus Stone:  Clear Quartz Point

Way Stones: Rhodonite for its scarlet energy of courage

Spirit Stones:  Garnet to seek the help of the Angel Phanuel the angel of hope

Desire Stones:  Malachite – for the Builder energy to build out our dreams

Barrier Stones:  Labradorite – a Barrier against negative energy on the grid

Each grid is 5 x 7  inches

Again,  This kit makes five grids (one at at time). Use it to make the grids in the course, and other grids you might designn yourself..

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This kit is designed to accompany the Crystal Grid Master Course.   It makes the second five grids taught in the course.