Basic Grid Course Companion Grid Kit #1


DESCRIPTION: This is the companion set number 1 to the Basic Crystal Grid Course. It is complete with five sets of stones and a single focus stone and a basic instruction guide for the assembly of each grid.

It includes the following full-color grids:

  • Grid 1: Quest For Love
  • Grid 2: Finding True Friendship
  • Grid 3: The Joy of Life
  • Grid 4: Mother Earth’s Blessing
  • Grid 5: Gaining Riches

This kit comes with all the stones necessary to make all grids, but one grid at a time:

  • 6 Rose Quartz
  • 6 Green Aventurine
  • 6 Citrine
  • 6 Lapis Lazuli
  • 6 Tiger’s Eye
  • 1 Clear Quartz

SIZE:  Each grid is 5  x  7 inches, crystal sizes vary, crystal quality/type vary (similar to photo)

USES: This kit makes five grids (one at a time) and is compact and easy to pack.  Use it to make the grids in the course and also as a travel companion bringing powerful crystal energy of love, friendship, joy, blessing, and riches to your life wherever you travel.

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This kit is designed to accompany the Basic Crystal Grid Course.  It makes the first five grids taught in the course.  The kit also works as a stand alone set of five grids.