Father Sun

Earth Mother



Father Sun Stone Location on The Native American Medicine Wheel
Location of The Father Sun Stone
on The Medicine Wheel

The inner circle of the Medicine Wheel immediately surrounds the Creator Stone.

It has seven stones. The first three stones give life and vision to the Creation for us: Father Sun, Earth Mother, and Grandmother Moon.

Then it is completed with the four Clan stones of mankind: Thunderbird Clan, Frog Clan, Turtle Clan, and Butterfly Clan.



Father Sun Stone Crystal Location on The Native American Medicine Wheel
Geode on the Father Sun Location

Father Sun is the source of all life and energy on this planet. The stone is a geode.

Just as our energy starts deep within the sun then expands outward, a geode has its beauty in the interior, and when opened reveals it to all.

The elements of Father Sun are both Air and Fire.

Come to this stone when you need energy, warmth, and expansion in your physical or emotional life.

The sun is a sphere, a circle in all dimensions. The Circle is is the symbol of the beginning without end. It is the symbol of the new, the root, and the source. It is the symbol of Unity.

Father And Son

Come to the Father Sun as a part of your journey around the Medicine Wheel. Come often.

The practice will link you to the divine heart and will align you with the fundamental energy of life. It will align your heart with God and his creation.

It will open you to the magic of the universe and give you strength. It is the source of healing power and spiritual energy for all.

In his book, On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres, Nicholas Copernicus says,

On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres

“In the center of all rests the sun. For who would place this lamp of a very beautiful temple in another or better place than this wherefrom it can illuminate everything at the same time?

As a matter of fact, not unhappily do some call it the lantern; others, the mind and still others the pilot of the world, [a visible god, and that which gazes upon all things]. And so the sun, as if resting on a kingly throne, governs the family of stars, which wheel around.

Moreover, the Earth is by no means cheated of the services of the moon; but, as Aristotle says...the earth has the closest kinship with the moon. The Earth moreover is fertilized by the sun and conceives offspring every year.” (Book I, sec. 10)

We, the children of earth, like the Earth Mother, endlessly circle Father Sun, gaining his wisdom, energy, and our very lives from his illuminations. Quite simply, any and all journeys on the Medicine Wheel start with the Creator, but travel through Father Sun. Pause to bask in his radiations. They are the stuff of life itself.


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