Crystal Aromatherapy Guide

crystal aromatherapy guide

Welcome, we are very pleased to share with you a new, exciting, and effective natural healing regimen that is both safe and potent.

The Ancient art of crystal healing and the new discoveries of the healing energies of essential oils are now being combined in a new and exciting healing approach called crystal aromatherapy.

In crystal aromatherapy, highly effective, potent combinations of crystalline energies are being integrated with the aromatic healing energies of essential oils. The results are dramatic, as the healing energies of both the mineral and plant kingdoms synergistically enhance each other.

Imagine — a family healing aromatherapy diffuser emitting a pleasing scent  that brings the dark orange ray of “belonging” from beautiful Creedite, the energy of “cohesiveness” from  dendritic agate, and the power of “brotherhood” from beautiful Amazonite and combines them with the healing elements of “trust” from the essential oil of sage and the energy of “communication” from pure lemon oil.  This is the magic of crystal aromatherapy.

It is now available to you – from the crystal aromatherapist of EarthSong Studios here at the Crystal Vaults.



Want to know more?


Crystal Aromatherapy is a branch of aromatherapy. Let’s start there.

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We all know that Mother Nature’s mineral and plant kingdoms provide us with an unlimited variety of healing energies. We humans live and thrive from their bounty.

And, we all know that many crystals, herbs, and medicinal plants have the potential to affect our spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing in beneficial ways.

To benefit from these gifts of Nature, crystal experts and plant experts over the millenniums have studied and learned how to best identify, isolate, extract, and combine these healing energies to treat our ills.

The crystal experts have discovered that the internal crystal matrixes, the chemical makeup and the color rays of crystals shape and form the healing energy of crystals.

The botanist and herbalists have learned the chemical secrets of the leaves, stems, and roots of the herbs of the earth. The students of flower remedies have learned the uses of the essences of the flowers.

Now we have new groups of healers – the aromatherapists that seek to use the essential oils of plants in healing regimens.

Aromatherapy’s appeal is on the rise and it seeks to bring the use of essential oils to a wider audience. First, let’s see why it is becoming so popular. Then we can begin to understand the crystal aromatherapist that are expanding aromatherapy into new and even more exciting directions.


Essential Oils


The term “essential oil” actually comes from the search by the alchemist of the Middle Ages for the “missing element”. They knew about Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, but were searching for the basic, pure element of life – the quintessential element of existence.

In their experiments, the alchemists discovered steam distillation. Using this technique, they found they could distill the aromatic part of plants that did not mix with water. In the time, anything that did not mix with water was called an oil, so the aromatic product that resulted from distilling plant components was called  “Quintessence” – perhaps in the belief it was the missing element of their search. Eventually, the phrase “Quintessence oil” became the phrase “essential oil” we use today. Unfortunately, these aromatic oils were not the missing fundamental element of all life but they did have uses.

Until recently, essential oils were used mostly for food flavoring and for cosmetic and perfume-related purposes. While there is no reason to discontinue such uses; their benefits are widely recognized, modern aromatherapist have found it is time to go beyond these applications by expanding the essential oils’ uses into healing regimens. Here is a great link to understanding and appreciating essential oils.


Aromatherapy In Practice


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Today’s aromatherapists seek to find ways to use plant essential oils in treating illnesses and diseases.

Similar to the uses of herbs, the use of the essential oils of plants is being found to have a host of applications in treating diseases of the body, mind, and spirit.

Certain plant aromas, tells us, “can help lower stress levels, improve mental and physical performance, ease pain, end insomnia, and even help us lose weight”.

The same website reports, “After exposure to rosemary oil, 48 college students outperformed a control group on memory tests; and, in a study at Wheeling Jesuit University, peppermint vapors gave college basketball players more motivation, energy, speed, and confidence.  In one study, Dr. Hirsch gave overweight people banana, green apple, and peppermint to sniff when they felt a craving; they lost more weight than nonsniffers”.

The library shelves and websites are filling up with the stories of the new discoveries being made constantly by dedicated aromatherapists.



Crystal Aromatherapy



Crystal aromatherapy is an offshoot of aromatherapy that seeks to gain the synergism of both the healing properties of crystals and the healing aromatic elements of the plant kingdom found in essential oils.

Crystal aromatherapist work with crystals, crystal essences, essential oils, and herbal extracts.  Their aim is to bring us remedies that maximize the potential found in both crystal and plant energy.

This is a new field, but the potential is unlimited.

There are hundreds of crystals and hundreds of essential oils that together offer thousands of potential combinations to aid every conceivable need. This is fertile ground for the new crystal aromatherapist to explore. In doing so, they are finding crystal aromatherapy methods that are safe, effective, and easy to use.



Benefits of EarthSong Studios Crystal Aromatherapy Products



earthsong studio essences

We all know some essential oils are toxic.  Some others, even while non-toxic can cause skin and mucous membrane irritation and damage.  EarthSong Studios Aromatherapy Mixtures are safe. They contain only non-toxic oils. And, very importantly, they are mixed in safe dilutions that provide the maximum effectiveness without the safety issues of using undiluted essential oils. The essences of crystals used are all made with the Indirect Method which assures no contamination of the essence by harmful elements of a crystal.



Combining the essences of the appropriate crystals with the most useful essential oils allows for the creation of optimized elixirs from the combined plant and mineral kingdoms. The synergy of the blends provides unsurpassed effectiveness.



They are absorbed easily. Simple diffusers allow for the healing energies to be diffused into the air where they are easily absorbed through the olfactory nerves found in nasal passages. There is nothing to apply, nothing to consume, and nothing to ingest.



Essential oil mixtures and complex crystal essences are difficult and expensive to produce. However, the in-house production facilitates of EarthSong Studios here at the Crystal Vaults allows for realizing economies that we can pass on to you.

We make the crystal essences. We source only the finest oils at the best prices, and we prepare each mixture carefully to assure high quality while controlling costs. You will find only the finest crystal essences and elixirs infused into top-grade essential oils bringing you the finest crystal aromatherapy blends for your mind and spirit.





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