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Quick Overview of Saffordite

What is Saffordite?


Ancient stones found in a single location near the town of Safford in Arizona near Tucson, Saffordite are now known to be a pseudo-tektite, a water-tumbled, truly ancient, volcanic obsidian brimming with the creative energy of the very formation of the planet.

While they appear dusty and brown, when held up in front of the sun, they appear as a light violet. Held in front of a flashlight, they will often appear bright orange. Most appear with pitted exteriors (caused by the acidic water they were once immersed in that etched away some of the alkaline elements of the stones).

This appearance has prompted some to think they are of extraterrestrial origin or to be tektites which are gravel-sized bodies composed of black, green, brown, or grey natural glass formed from terrestrial debris ejected during meteorite impacts. This is unlikely, as there are no flowing structures on Saffordite which is a common characteristic of tektites, and the ellipsoidal shapes are not consistent with typical tektites. Finally, spectrographic analysis shows they are almost perfect matches for apache tears and volcanic obsidian composition. They are most certainly Pseudo-tektite, and we are blessed by them.


How are Saffordites formed?

A pseudo-tektite is a stone that looks like a tektite but is not. Saffordite is one. However, that is not a negative at all. You see, Pseudo-tektites are the last remnants of the ancient volcanoes of the earth's formation. They are ancient volcanic glass that has weathered untold eons of water, wind, frost, snow, earthquakes, and everything else Mother Nature can throw at them, and they are the last survivors of the formation of this planet. No stone could be more incredible. They brim with ageless, timeless wisdom and perseverance. They are rare wonders of this planet.

Saffordite Terrain
Terrain where Saffordite is found.

What is Saffordite's Metaphysical Properties?

Saffordites have earned a lot of nicknames and are often called the holy grail stone, the wish-fulfilling stone, or Cintamani. Cintamani is translated as meaning “thought-gem” or “wishing stone.” Wikipedia tells us the story of it as a mythical gem in Hindu mythology dating back to the 5th Century. It would be very odd that the mythical gem of ancient India was a water-worn pebble of volcanic glass found in the deserts of Arizona. We must discount this theory. Time and distance present rather formidable obstacles to this theory being of any value.

Rather, we must look to the stones themselves to find their properties our spirits can avail themselves of. And this is actually very easy. These are stones harkening back to the very formation of the earth, with the fire energy of the founding volcanoes that formed the Earth we now inhabit. There are eons of memories, hardships overcome, and skies of ever-changing vistas in these magnificent stones.

Fire & Earth Energy


Foundational Fire Energy and Earth Energy are combined in Saffordites. The fire of the primeval volcanoes brought the deep Earth energy to the surface of our world and created the ground we walk upon.

Fire energy is life, heat, and excitement. It is also the foundational energy of creation and brings us a spirit of power and raw energy. The Saffordites bring this foundational fire energy to our spirits to use in creative endeavors of the most difficult kinds. If you are starting a business, starting a family, beginning a journey or adventure, or even just moving to a new city house, bring the power and raw creative energy of a Saffordite to your endeavor.

And in Saffordite, you find the primal Earth energy of the foundational volcanoes. This is not really the traditional grounding Earth Energy we often use, but rather the creative energy of establishing firmament and tradition. Use Saffordite to establish precedent, set boundaries, and establish rules and methods. Use it to create a solid foundation under a project or relationship.
The unique Fire Energy of creation and the Earth energy of a solid foundation makes this the perfect Business Stone to establish the foundation of a creative enterprise.

Also, tap into the primal wisdom of the planet using Saffordite. Its ancient secrets may well be revealed in appropriate ceremonies.


How to use Saffordite?


Saffordite stones work well with Sunstones, Jaspers, and other Obsidians. They are well suited to gaining the blessings of the Goddess Pele, the angel Zueruel, the angel of power, and Uriel, the Angel of Fire.

These stones have an affinity for Ginger, the Herb of Fiery Trouble, Hawthorne, the herb of strength and tenacity, and Cilantro, the herb of everlasting life. Simple rituals of dedication using violet and yellow candles and these herbs can be very worthwhile to bring creative and foundational energy to your life.

Mind Meld of Accessing Ancient Wisdom

If you are seeking ancient wisdom or a connection to Mother Earth and wish to delve into the mysteries of our creation, consider using this mind-meld essence.

The Mind Meld Potion of Ancient Wisdom is designed to bring your subconscious the wisdom of the very foundations of the Earth and the lessons of the great challenges faced as the Earth gained its consciousness and became our home.

This Mind Meld Crystal Potion, like all of them, is a blend of specially selected crystal essences, blended to produce a fast, effective transfer of potent energy and guidance directly to the mind of the user. This Mind Meld Potion of Ancient Wisdom brings the essences of strength, overcoming adversity, deep knowledge, power, and remembrance to an elixir that will allow your mind to learn and prosper from the foundational energy of the Earth.



  • 12 drops of Saffordite essence
  • 3 drops of Black Tourmaline essence
  • 3 drops of Amber essence
  • 3 drops of Jade essence
  • 3 drops of Carnelian essence
  • 3 drops of Obsidian essence
  • 3 drops of Tiger’s Eye essence
  • 1-2 drops of Bergamot oil


  1. Mix all crystal essences in a 1 oz. dropper bottle.
  2. Add 1-2 drops of the Bergamot oil. Fill the rest of the way with distilled or spring water.

Instructions for Use:

Shake well before each use, and then use one drop on a finger. Before a meditation session, dab the forehead five times with the finger in the shape of a square and one dab in the middle.


More Saffordite Information

What is a Saffordite?

A Saffordite is a pseudo-tektite composed of ancient volcanic glass.

Where are Saffordites found?

These are found in a 100-mile radius around the town of Safford near Tucson, Arizona.

How are Saffordites formed?

Saffordite is an ancient volcanic obsidian that has been weather-worn by wind and water over eons of time.

Can Saffordite go in water?

Saffordites are water safe.

Can Saffordites be left in the sun?

Saffordites are sun safe.

How hard are Saffordites?

On the Moh’s Hardness Scale, Saffordites range from 5.5 - 7.

How to use Saffordite?

Primary these are used as meditation aids to access the ancient wisdom of the very foundation of the Earth.

What do Saffordites look like?

Saffordites are small stones, brown in color, that often display a violet tinge when held up to the sun or a yellow/orange color in front of a flashlight. They are often pitted, looking somewhat like a tektite.

What healing properties does Saffordites have?

Crystal healers use these stones to balance the Root Chakra as they have deep Earth energy.


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