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obsidianIntroduction to the Meaning and Uses of Obsidian

Obsidian is a talisman of those who dare to see…the past, the future, or one’s own inner demons and darkest truths. It is no ordinary stone, but nature’s glass formed from volcanic lava and hardened so quickly it formed no crystalline structure. It has no boundaries or limitations, and works rapidly with great power. Its edge can be razor sharp, and its dark, glossy surface polished into cold, hard glass, a “mirror stone” for those prepared to look deep into the inner being, the subconscious, to reveal one’s shadow self…flaws, weaknesses, fears, all. Nothing is hidden from Obsidian. [Melody, 441][Hall, 196-197][Hall En, 214][Megemont, 133, 199][Raphaell, 94]

This shamanic stone can be brutal and direct, yet it carries the wonderful power of catharsis and deep soul healing. It reveals the reasons behind one’s imperfections and causes of dis-ease, and provides a clear picture of the changes needed to ameliorate them. It impels growth and resolution, and lends solid support and direction during the process. Obsidian provides essential grounding, connecting the base of the spine to the heart of the earth. It is highly protective, shielding one from negativity in the environment, from others, and from within the self. [Melody, 441][Hall, 196-197][Hall En, 214][101 Hall, 142][Gienger, 61][Raphaell, 94]

The use of Obsidian dates to the Old Stone Age, and many cultures relied heavily on this material in their daily, ritual, and spiritual lives. Obsidian’s conchoidal fracture allows it to break into pieces with curved surfaces and very sharp edges, and it has been found around the world fashioned into arrowheads, spear points, knives, axe heads, scrapers and various other cutting instruments. Pre-Columbian Mesoamericans fashioned a sword with Obsidian blades mounted in a wooden body, called a macuahuitl, that was capable of inflicting horrific injuries, and Obsidian daggers were reputed to be used in bloodletting and human sacrifice. In the Middle East, it was esteemed for its sharpness and precision in ritual circumcision, ancient Melanesians honed pointed pieces for tattooing the skin, and peoples on Rapa Nui (Easter Island) made multipurpose tools called mata’a for food preparation and cultivation. They also chose Obsidian as the pupils of the eyes in their famous Moai (statues) to endow them with authority and a spiritual essence. [Megemont, 132-133][Mella, 92][en.wikipedia.org][geology.com][www.paganlore.com][hyperallergic.com][www.upi.com][relay.nationalgeograhic.com]

The mystical properties of Obsidian also date back to early civilizations, most notably in Mesoamerica, for its reflective quality and ability to be polished into mirrors. Deep black, or sometimes with a murky transparency, these mirrors reflected shadow images and were metaphors for sacred caves and pools of water. They were conduits for supernatural forces; to the Maya they were a means to communicate with otherworld entities, and to others they were a portal to realms that could be seen but not interacted with. [en.wikipedia.org][101 Hall, 142][www.britannica.com][Lecouteux, 239]

In ancient Mexico and surrounding regions Obsidian was known as iztli or teotetl, meaning “the divine stone,” used to carve amulets, jewelry, grave ornaments, and images of the god Tezcatlipoca, whose name means “smoking mirror,” and who was said to see all that occurred in the world and heavens through his Obsidian mirror. The Olmecs fashioned concave mirrors capable of lighting fires, and the Maya and Aztecs wore Obsidian mirrors to show elite status, and polished it into sheets for divining a person’s destiny. Ancient Greek civilizations used Obsidian balls and flat mirrors for scrying, and Native American cultures used Obsidian in their spiritual ceremonies to sharpen inner sight. [en.wikipedia.org][Eason, 186, 188][Mella, 92][www.paganlore.com][Hall En, 214][101 Hall, 142][www.britannica.com][Kunz, 204-205][Lecouteux, 239]

Obsidian forms from molten lava in the last stages of volcanic eruptions, the remaining silica minerals that flow onto the surface and are super-cooled into glass before crystallization can occur. It is an amorphous material known as a “mineraloid” with a hardness of 5 to 5.5, and is usually opaque except on thin edges. Obsidian is most frequently jet black, but can be dark brown, gray or gray-green. Trace elements or inclusions and refraction of microscopic gas bubbles can produce rare color variations, markings, and iridescent or metallic “sheens.” The name comes from the Latin obsidianus, an erroneous transcription of obsianus, meaning “the stone of Obsius,” the prominent Roman who discovered it. It is also referred to as “volcano glass,” “mirror of the Incas,” and “Iceland agate.” Obsidian is famous for producing an edge thinner and sharper than the best surgical steel, and is currently being used in scalpels for some of the most precise surgery. [www.mindat.org][geology.com][www.britannica.com][Simmons, 280][Lecouteux, 239][Megemont, 132][Dictionary.com]

Some of the most noted varieties of Obsidian are listed here with any additional properties they carry:

Apache Tear – also called Smoky Obsidian or Marekanite; small, rounded pebbles of Obsidian commonly found in Mexico and the American Southwest, black and opaque in appearance but may be translucent brown when held to the light. They may be smooth and water-worn or have indented surfaces. Traditionally, this form of Obsidian is said to be formed from the tears of Native American women, mourning for their warriors driven from a cliff by the cavalry. (See the Legends and Lore section below.) Apache Tear is a gentle form of Obsidian that links easily with the emotional body, helping cleanse and heal old wounds and long-held grievances, and uncover frozen emotional patterns held below one’s level of awareness. It may be used as a rescue stone for fear, panic and shock, and is best known for its comfort and support during times of grief and mourning. Apache Tear can be especially consoling for those dealing with grief associated with suicide, and can connect survivors with their loved one who chose to die in order to cope and understand their decision. Apache Tear carries a strong Earth energy that links with the sacred aspects of the physical realm and is a reminder that all frequencies of energy emanate from the Divine and can be sources of spiritual teaching and knowledge. Apache Tear is useful for psychic protection, and can open one to the realms of Nature spirits and other Earth cohabitants from this and other dimensions. Use Apache Tear to stimulate analytical capabilities and to promote a forgiving spirit. It is thought to relieve sprains, strains, muscle spasms, and back pain, as well as to aid in the absorption of Vitamins C and D. [Melody 441-442][Gienger, 62][Hall, 202][Lembo, 232-233][Simmons, Ahsian, 39-41][en.wikipedia.org]

Black Obsidian – a pure, glossy black that may appear deep brown when light is shined on thin edges. Ruled by the planet Pluto, Black Obsidian is a teacher stone and could be deemed the “Warrior of Truth.” It is the most powerful of the Obsidians and does not cater to the ego; rather it exposes darkened areas of the subconscious to force one to face one’s true self. It assists in examining unresolved issues and harmful attitudes inhibiting one’s personal and spiritual growth. Black Obsidian works quickly and can be overwhelming as it rushes negative emotions and difficult truths to the surface to be experienced and released. It should only be used if one is educated on its power and prepared to withstand the process in order to achieve deep healing. It is best used under the guidance of a qualified therapist or healer, and other, gentler forms of Obsidian may be used for this process. Black Obsidian also carries the inherent frequency of protection, sealing the aura and removing energetic attachments, hooks and cords, as well as eliminating negative energies within the self and one’s environment. This protective shield enables one to go back into past lives for healing and to work on ancestral and family lines. It is ideal for use in shamanic ceremonies to remove physical disorders. Black Obsidian slabs, mirrors and spheres are excellent gazing and scrying tools for meditation, divining insight into the future, inducing creativity, and communicating with souls who have passed over. It is an excellent talisman for self-control, reversing previous misuse of power, and addressing power issues on all levels. [Melody, 442][Raphaell, 94][Hall, 199][Eason, 188][Simmons, Ahsian, 280-281]

Gold Sheen Obsidian – a black or deep brown Obsidian displaying a golden chatoyance when viewed in strong light, created from gas bubbles aligning across the layers during formation. Gold Sheen Obsidian is an excellent tool for gazing, to view the future or access knowledge from the past, but more importantly to reveal the heart of a problem or situation in the present. While Gold Sheen reflects that which is needed in one’s life for healing, it does not provide the healing. It does, however, give insight into the paths of action available to bring it about. Gold Sheen Obsidian dissolves negativity and purifies the aura, and is particularly useful for clearing blockages of the Solar Plexus Chakra, the seat of the Will. It is highly effective for exposing and releasing ego conflicts and power abuse, and dispelling any sense of futility or cynicism. Gold Sheen Obsidian allows one to commune with the Source of all being, and to realign one’s personal power with the Divine to better direct one’s life. It is useful for bringing out hidden talents and to manifest one’s true calling. It is a favorite with Reiki workers and those advanced in the shamanic and healing arts. As Gold Sheen gets to the root of any problem, it can be worn or carried for all diagnostics work, from medical or psychological, to finding faults in machinery or circuits. It is particularly strong for Earth-healing, and can be used to locate areas of disturbance in the Earth’s energy systems. [Melody, 445][Eason, 106][Hall, 200][Simmons, 285][Ahsian, 286][Gienger, 61]

Mahogany Obsidian – also called Mountain Mahogany; a combination of jet black and reddish-brown Obsidian with high iron content that displays undulating or spotty patterns. Mahogany Obsidian has a gentler frequency than Black Obsidian and could be called the “Stone of Closure.” It reveals unconscious memories of shame, humiliation or abuse, and helps one recognize the cycle of dismay caused by others’ insults, disparaging remarks or false accusations. Mahogany Obsidian brings these wounds to the surface to be released into the Light for dissolution and dispels feelings of unworthiness that hold one back from fulfilling one’s potential in work, love and spiritual awakening. It provides strength in times of need, and revitalizes one’s power, drive and initiative. Mahogany Obsidian resonates with the Earth and clears blockages of the Root and Sacral Chakras, providing stability and stimulating the flow of creative energies and full expression of one’s sexuality. Worn on the body, it relieves pain and tension, and improves circulation. It is a great stone for women’s spirituality, candle magic, and offerings to Mother Earth. Both sexes may use it to celebrate moving on naturally to a new life stage. [www.mindat.org][www.kscrystals.com][Melody, 446][Simmons, Ahsian, 282-283][Hall, 201][Eason, 79]

Peacock Obsidian – also called Velvet Obsidian; appears black until polished and exposed to bright light, then reveals undulating patterns of red, gold, green, violet, orange and/or blue, not in distinct layers as in Rainbow Obsidian, but laid out in complex swirls as if the lava had been vigorously stirred before hardened. Peacock Obsidian is the strongest Obsidian for spiritual journeys and is an excellent tool for shamans and those who “walk between worlds.” It is marvelous for calling one’s ancestors, guides and other helping spirits, and provides a protective shield during magic work, astral travel, and journeys to other earthly realms. It stimulates the Third Eye Chakra, and may be used for lucid dreaming, breath work, guided meditation and other forms of consciousness expansion. Peacock Obsidian is particularly helpful to those first discovering their intuitive senses, or sensitives who may have shut down out of fear or feelings of being overwhelmed by the psychic information received. Peacock Obsidian relieves these fears and can assist one in fine-tuning their gifts. This stone may also provide subtle energy support for those with brain disorders or for those with mental imbalances. [Simmons, Ahsian, 284-285][www.sagegoddess.com]

Rainbow Obsidian – also called Heaven Eye; a black or deep brown Obsidian displaying iridescent bands of red, blue, gold, violet and/or green when polished and exposed to bright light. The color layers are caused by refraction of microscopic bubbles and inclusions such as magnetite. Rainbow Obsidian is gentler than Black Obsidian, with strong protective properties. It is an excellent tool for facilitating a purposeful search of one’s psyche to find the root causes of emotional traumas and distresses, and to cut ties with the past. It is ideal for dissolving outmoded genetic patterns and karma, severing the cords of old love, and releasing hooks that others have left in the heart. Rainbow Obsidian brings hope, illumination and energy into the most blocked and stagnant areas of the emotional body, and grounds spiritual Light into the aura and physical body. It is a great support for alleviating depression, mood swings, despair, or paralyzing fears. Rainbow Obsidian helps to cleanse and align all chakras, and worn as a pendant absorbs negative energy from the aura, drawing off pain and stress from the physical body. It is considered a “stone of pleasure,” bringing gratification and enjoyment to one’s life, helping one to be optimistic and engaged in the world. Use it for meditation, in stone layout sessions, and as an aid for focus and memory. [Melody, 447][Hall, 201][Ahsian, 284][Lembo, 238-239][Eason, 366]

Silver Sheen Obsidian – a black or deep brown Obsidian displaying a silver-gray iridescent sheen when polished and viewed in strong light, caused by gas bubbles aligning across the layers during formation. Silver Sheen Obsidian is believed to bring one “advantage” throughout life. It improves perception, sharpens the senses and intellect, promotes articulate communication to others, and helps keep personal likes and dislikes from affecting rational decision-making. A perfect tool for gazing, Silver Sheen adds the mystery of lunar energies in its ability to mirror the inner being. It is especially beneficial for stimulating one to see themselves as others see them, even if the reality is unflattering. It helps one to understand one’s behaviors and to refine undesirable traits, enhancing patience and perseverance when needed. Silver Sheen Obsidian is a marvelous stone for out-of-body journeying as it provides a strong connection between the physical and astral bodies, and assures a safe soul return. Silver Sheen Obsidian is also a soothing stone for those who have issues with a possessive mother, whether she is still alive or remains in memory. [Melody, 448][Hall, 201][Gienger, 62][Eason, 175]

Snowflake Obsidian – a black Obsidian with inclusions of small, white, radially clustered crystals of cristobalite that when polished resembles snowflake patterns. Snowflake Obsidian is a “stone of purity,” bringing truth and balance to the mind, body, and spirit, and is especially empowering for accepting change and transformation in one’s life. It calms and soothes the system, and helps one be more receptive to recognizing unnecessary patterns of negativity, self-defeat, “poor me” victimization, or unyielding emotional stress. Snowflake Obsidian allows one to see through the darkness of adversity and to realign with the light, perceiving sources of support that may have been overlooked or taken for granted, and to find the strength and willingness to shift one’s reality for the better. It inspires new ideas to improve one’s condition, and opens new pathways of spiritual thought and connection. It increases one’s psychic sensitivity for recognizing meaningful synchronicities pointing the way to one’s higher path. Snowflake Obsidian is not ideal for gazing, but is superb for stimulating total surrender during the meditative state, and can assist one in connecting with the world of souls to communicate with lost loved ones. It is excellent for overcoming feelings of loneliness and isolation, and its presence in the workplace provides an ongoing cleanser for stagnation, lack of enthusiasm and undercurrents of tension. Snowflake Obsidian is an excellent tool for attuning to animal totems and animal allies, and for becoming more sensitive to the subtle flow and movement of energy in the environment. Snowflake Obsidian enhances blood flow and may be used in conjunction with treatments for veins and the skeletal structure, and to ease problems associated with the menstrual cycle and the balancing of hormones. As an elixir (use the indirect method), it may be used to smooth the skin and clear the eyes. [Melody, 448-449][Simmons, Ahsian, 282][Hall, 203][Lembo, 240-241][Eason, 187][Gienger, 62]

Note: There are many colored glasses offered on the internet labeled as “Obsidian,” particularly on auction websites. Most are gem-quality, water-clear and brightly colored, and are in fact an artificial glass mass-produced in places such as Indonesia. Natural Obsidian does not form in clear red, blue or green, but these colors do form as a “sheen” or iridescence within Obsidian. [www.mindat.org][www.gemdat.org][www.gemsociety.org]

diamond usesObsidian Uses and Purposes

Obsidian is an excellent rescue remedy for shock, traumas, and blockages, and may be placed at the feet for anchoring during times of turmoil. It is an excellent tool for therapists and counselors for quickly getting to the root of a problem, and for absorbing energies released as a result. It blocks geopathic stress and soaks up environmental pollution, and should be cleansed under running water on a regular basis. [Gienger, 61][101 Hall, 143][Hall, 197]

Considered a very personal stone of protection, Obsidian is generally bought, kept and worn by one person only. It is a marvelous talisman to shield gentle souls and those who are highly sensitive. Wear as jewelry or carry to keep others from offloading their problems onto you or making excessive demands on your time. [Eason, 186][Mella, 92][Hall, 197]

Wear an Obsidian arrow on a necklace to counter bullying in any form, whether for you or a family member, and keep it with you until the bullying stops. Place small, seven-pointed Obsidian arrows in the workplace facing outward to protect against gossip or spite, or facing inward in a semi-circle or ringed around a burgundy candle to draw in power and health. [Eason 186-187]

Mahogany Obsidian resonates well with women over 50 to draw in work opportunities, attract lasting love, and to bestow serenity about mature beauty. Use as a gift for grandmothers to reflect an appreciation of her wisdom. Mahogany tumblestones help shield a home from fire, high winds, earthquakes or subsidence. [Eason, 79]

Owning an Apache Tear protects one from sorrow. Carry if you are having a difficult time forgiving someone and bitterness is holding you back. Apache Tear is considered a good luck stone and ideal for someone setting out in the world. Place a dish in the home or workspace to absorb bad vibes. (Wash weekly.) [Eason, 194]


healing crystals

Obsidian Healing Therapies – Overview

(Please note: Information on this web site is no substitute for consulting a health care professional. All information contained on this web site, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only. Please see your doctor or health care professional before starting any alternative treatments, diets, supplements or exercise programs.)


healing power of crystalsObsidian Physical Healing

Obsidian is best known for providing insight into the emotional causes of physical disease. It is thought to relieve stress, ease tension in the muscles, and improve circulation and artery health. It accelerates the healing of wounds, bruises and sprains, and assists with pain relief. [Hall, 198][Melody, 441][Gienger, 61-62][Eason, 186][Ahsian, 281-282, 284]

Obsidian is used to aid digestion and detoxification, and provides support in efforts to relinquish dependencies, such as smoking, overeating, overdrinking or using drugs. [Lembo, 235][Hall, 198][Ahsian, 283]


physical healing crystal usesObsidian Emotional Healing Energy

All forms of Obsidian stimulate healing of the emotional body, helping those who have lost their power to regain it by facing the darker side of one’s nature caused by the wounding of one’s spirit. Verbal and physical abuse, sudden trauma, grief, even events beyond one’s control can create destructive thoughts and unconscious patterns that inhibit one’s personal and spiritual growth. It is the basis for eating disorders and addictions, fear and insecurities, depression, aggression, and other mechanisms that hold one to the past in order to survive. Obsidian exposes these wounds, and when one is ready to accept responsibility for one’s own healing, reveals the actions needed to release them. It enables one to accept who they are with compassion and to move forward. [Melody, 441][Hall, 198][101 Hall, 142][Eason, 186][Ahsian, 281][Gienger, 61][Lembo, 235]

chakra balancing with crystalsObsidian Chakra Healing and Balancing Energy

Obsidian is an excellent tool for creating and strengthening the grounding cord that extends from the Root Chakra through the Earthstar Chakra below the feet, and deep into the heart of the Earth. [Simmons, 281][Ahsian, 40][Melody, 441]

The Base, or Root Chakra, is located at the base of the spine, and controls the energy for kinesthetic feeling and movement. It is the foundation of physical and spiritual energy for the body. Stones with black color energy stimulates the Base Chakra and brings it into balance. The physical body gains strength and stamina, and spiritual energy is rekindled in the form of security and sense of one’s own power. It often leads to independence and spontaneous leadership.

The Earth Chakra is located between and slightly below the feet. It holds the soul into carnation and creates a solid connection to the planet Earth, allowing excess and out-of-balance energies to flow from the body.

spiritual crystalsObsidian Spiritual Energy

Obsidian draws one inward to the center of the Self, to the place of truth. It is a stone of integrity and deep soul cleansing, anchoring the spirit into the body to stimulate growth on all levels. It blocks harmful intentions by providing a shield for the aura, and is an excellent shamanic tool for removing blockages and debris from the past. Obsidian brings clarity to the mind, discharging confusion and constricting beliefs, and encourages exploration of the unknown. It is highly effective for expanding consciousness in the meditative state and for activating untapped abilities. [Lembo, 234][Hall, 197-198][101 Hall, 142][Gienger, 61]


crystal color powerObsidian Color Energy

Obsidian carries a dominant black color energy and deepens our connection to the physical, natural world. It brings power and strength, relieving fears specifically associated with the physical existence here on Earth. Black Obsidian offers protection and a retreat, the safety of being hidden from your enemies.

Various forms of Obsidian may carry additional color energy influences. See the color energy section of this site to learn more about their properties.

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Meditation CrystalsMeditation with Obsidian

For the experienced user, Obsidian is an incredible ally in meditation, taking one deep into the subconscious and providing for a clear state of detachment. It inspires an understanding of the profound silence and wisdom that can be attained through meditation and reflection. Gazing into various forms of Obsidian helps regroup scattered energies, and brings inner visions of the way through problems if one relaxes and lets solutions come. Snowflake Obsidian is superb for stimulating total surrender during the meditative state. Obsidian is also a marvelous support for expanding one’s consciousness to explore other realms with confidence and ease, and is highly effective for increasing clairvoyance and other sensory gifts when one is ready to accept them. [Eason, 186][Hall, 198-199][www.paganlore.com][Melody, 448]

Note of caution: Black Obsidian balls are extremely powerful meditation pieces and can be highly beneficial for soul searching and quickly getting to core issues. However, its power cannot be overstated and one should be aware before embarking on a Black Obsidian ball meditation that its purpose is to confront the inner recesses of the soul, to expose one’s darkest truths. It can plunge one into their most ancient anxieties and obsessive fears, and draw one into a state of self-disgust, despair, and melancholy. It can also elevate one to great spiritual heights and realizations. (If its shock is too painful, remove the ball immediately and use Selenite and Rose Quartz to regain equilibrium.) Clear Quartz, ideally a six-inch Generator Quartz, should be employed during, and in successive meditative sessions, to balance and polarize these strong effects and to dissolve and neutralize any psychic or emotional debris that has surfaced. It is best not to use more than once every four months, and when not in use, Black Obsidian balls should be covered. [Raphaell, 98-99][Hall, 199][Megemont, 199][Hall En, 214]



divination uses of crystals Obsidian Divination

Obsidian has been used for scrying and divination for thousands of years, in polished spheres, concave mirrors and flat, gleaming sheets. Its power and mystery is still utilized for its gift of prophecy and as a portal to the past, the future, and to other realms.

The Divinatory meaning of Black Obsidian: You have a great deal of power you can use to improve a situation or relationship if you are not afraid to change the status quo and maybe tread on a few toes. [Eason, 186]

The Divinatory meaning of Apache Tear: Do not dwell on what is wrong, you can put it right. [Eason, 194]

The Divinatory meaning of Gold Sheen Obsidian: The answer is there once you move beyond the “What is the point of it all?” stage. [Eason, 106]

The Divinatory meaning of Mahogany Obsidian: You are gentle but can and should stand up for your rights and change the status quo. [Eason, 79]

The Divinatory meaning of Rainbow Obsidian: Time to cut ties with the past that are occupying too much time. [Eason, 366]

The Divinatory meaning of Silver Sheen Obsidian: Be sure you are not making a situation worse by the fact you do not like someone involved. [Eason, 175]

The Divinatory meaning of Snowflake Obsidian: Suddenly you see someone new for who they really are. Helps you make a wise decision. [Eason, 187]


angel crystalsObsidian and the Angelic Realm

Obsidian most often occurs in shades of black or deep brown, and may be used to request the aid of Archangels Melchizedek and Sabrael. [Lembo, 234] If your birthday falls in any of the following periods, an Obsidian of the color listed can be a valuable conduit to your Guardian Angel. The table also provides the name of the Guardian Angel of those born in the time period.

Date Crystal Color Name of Guardian Angel
February 5-9 Brown Mehiel
February 10-14 Brown Damabiah
March 11-15 Black Haiaiel (Hajael)
May 1-5 Black Haziel
May 16-20 Black Hahaiah (Hahajah)
May 26-31 Silver Mebahel
August 29-September 2 Black Vasiariah
October 4-8 Brown Rehael
November 3-7 Black Sealiah


There are other Angels that are partial to Obsidian. The table below gives you information about them.


Purpose Crystal Color Name of Angel
Protector and Ruler of the dates May16-20; Taurus. Black Hahaiah
Protector and Ruler of the dates March 11-15; Pisces. Black Haiaiel
Protector and Ruler of the dates May 1-5; Taurus. Black Haziel
Protector and Ruler of the dates November 3-7; Scorpio. Black Sealiah
Master of the 9th Tarot Card “The Hermit”. Black Shelathiel
Protector and Ruler of the dates August 29-September 2; Virgo. Black Vasiariah
Angel of Grace Brown Ananchel
Ruler of Earth/Lightning and the Angel of Chance and Luck. Brown Baraqiel
Protector and Ruler of the dates February 10-14; Aquarius. Brown Damabiah
Protector and Ruler of the dates February 5-9; Aquarius. Brown Mehiel
Protector and Ruler of the dates October 4-8; Libra. Brown Rehael
Master of the 15th Tarot Card “Devil”. Brown Samaqiel
Guardian of the Nineteenth Mansion of the Moon which is Scorpio. Gold Amutiel
Gabriel is the Foundation Angel and known as the Tree of Life. The Angel of Monday, and the Ruler of the Moon, Earth, and Lighting. Gabriel is also the Master of the 2nd Tarot Card “The High Priestess” and Tarot Card 12 “The Hanged Man”. Gabriel is also the Angel of Pregnancies/Child Birth, the Angel of the North Wind, Creativity, and Truth. he is also associated with the sun sign Aquarius, and also the Guardian Fifth Mansion of the Moon; Taurus. Gold Gabriel
Master of the 2nd Tarot Card “The High Priestess”. Gold Schelachel
Uriel is the Master of the 21st Tarot Card “The World”. Also, he Heals Resentment and is the Ruler of the South Wind. Uriel is also known as the Angel of Music and Repentance, and is associated with the sun sign, Libra. Gold Uriel
Haniel or Hanael is known as the Victory Angel, the Tree of Life, the Angel of Friday, Venus, and is the Governor of the sign of Capricorn. Silver Haniel (Hanael)
Ruler of Earth/Planets. Silver Kokbiel
Protector and Ruler of the dates May 26-31; Gemini. Silver Mebahel



Goddess Crystals for AmethystObsidian Goddess Crystals

Obsidian honors Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire, Lightning, Wind and Volcanoes, and is the creator of the Hawaiian Islands. She is sometimes referred to as Madame Pele.

Obsidian honors Hine-Nui-Te-Po, the Polynesian Goddess of the Night, and the Maori Goddess of Darkness and Death. Her name means “Great Woman of the Night,” and she rules the underworld. The red color of sunset comes from her.

Obsidian honors Ereshkigal, the Sumerian Goddess of the Underworld. She shares her throne with the war god, Nergal, though she holds the power. She represents the dark, the unseen, and the shadow side of the soul.

Obsidian honors Itzpapaloti, the Aztec Butterfly Goddess. Her name means “Obsidian Butterfuly” and she is both a ruler of the beautiful paradise world, Tamoanchan, and a skeletal warrior goddess. She is usually depicted wearing bones, skulls, or other body parts, and is a figure of feminine strength.

Obsidian may also be used to honor Jana, the Roman Goddess of Secret and Hidden Things.

Mahogany Obsidian may be used to honor the Viking Goddess Edda, the Celtic Goddess Cailleach, and to venerate the grandmother of Christ, St. Anne.





There are several ways to find an appropriate birthstone. The traditional one is listed first. These are from the popular lists that most people are familiar with. The second way is to find your natural birthstone by the color wheel of life. You can click on the Natural Birthstone graphic below to learn more. Finally many people use the traditional stones of the Zodiac.

In this section you will find information on all three approaches.

traditional birthstoneObsidian Traditional Birthstone

Obsidian is not a traditional or historical birthstone



Natural Birthstone

Obsidian Natural Birthstone.

Obsidian is not a natural birthstone.




zodiac usesObsidian – Zodiac Stone

Obsidian is a zodiac stone for those born under the sign of Capricorn as winter sets in, from December 22 to January 19. Capricorn is represented by a mountain goat, and those born under this sign are serious and strong-willed, determined to accomplish what they set out to do. They are patient and honest, and enjoy companions who make them laugh.


talisman usesObsidian Talismans and Amulets

Obsidian is an amorphous stone with no crystalline structure and whose talismanic use is not based on chemical composition. However, its deeply protective nature and powerful connection to Spirit make it not only beautiful as a talisman, but highly effective as well.


Feng Shui usesObsidian Feng Shui

Though born of fire, rich, black Obsidian utilizes Water energy, the energy of stillness, quiet strength, and purification. It embodies potentialities unrealized. It is yielding, formless, yet powerful. The Water element brings power of regeneration and rebirth. It is the energy of the circle of life. Use black stones to enhance any space that you use for repose, calm reflection, or prayer. Water energy is traditionally associated with the North area of a home or room. It is associated with the Career and Life Path area, its flowing energy assuring balance as your life unfolds and flows.

A dark mirror, such as one from polished Black Obsidian, and a light mirror on facing walls bring balance to one’s home, enabling both calming and active energies to bounce throughout the home and all who live or enter there. [Eason, 188]

Place Gold Sheen Obsidian in the wealth area of your home or office to bring fast money growth and achievement of longer-term financial goals. [Eason, 106]


Lore_and _legend of crystalsObsidian in Ancient Lore and Legend

In the Aztec world, the nocturnal sky god, Tezcatlipoca, was often carved out of Obsidian, a material utilized for weapons and tools, and was highly polished into mirrors for shamanic rituals and prophecy. Tezcatlipoca means “Smoking Mirror,” and he was said to see all that happened in the world and the heavens through his Obsidian mirror. In the process of creating the world with his eternal opposite, Quetzalcoatl, he lost his foot using it to bait the Earth Monster Cipactli. He is often depicted with his right foot replaced with an Obsidian mirror, bone, or a snake. There are similarities to Tezcatlipoca in an earlier deity worshipped by the Olmec and Maya, named Tohil, meaning “Obsidian,” and he was associated with sacrifice. Another god of rulership and thunder worshipped by the Classic Maya was K’awil, depicted with a smoking obsidian knife in his forehead and one leg replaced with a snake. [Kunz, 204-205][Eason, 188][www.azteccalendar.com][en.wikipedia.org]

The Aztecs made a balm for healing scars that contained Obsidian powder, believing the same substance their weapons were made of could also heal the wounds they created. According to various secret recipes guarded by sorceresses and local healers, the Obsidian powder was mixed with rabbit and chamomile grease. This practice was also found in the north of France and in Belgium, though there was no contact between the Aztecs and these two areas. [Megemont, 134]

Obsidian was often used in antiquity for ornamentation and jewelry, and according to Pliny the Elder, was an amulet of those traveling by sea or river. Obsidian accompanied by burning pine resin, incense, and lepidota, granted the gift of prophecy. It was often engraved with the sun and moon. In the Romance of Troy, Benoît de Sainte-Maure reiterated these properties, and added it grants and regenerates youth. It was alleged whoever wore Obsidian would never have nightmares, and anyone he cursed would die soon afterward. [Lecouteux, 239-240]

Perhaps one of most famous Obsidian mirrors was a small Aztec object in the shape of a hand-mirror brought to Europe after the conquest of Mexico. It was acquired by Dr. John Dee, English mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, occult philosopher, and advisor to both Queen Mary I and Queen Elizabeth I, for use in his magical pursuits during the late 16th century. He devoted much of his time and effort in the last thirty years of his life attempting to commune with angels in order to learn the universal language of creation and bring about the pre-apocalyptic unity of mankind. In addition to his experiments in spherical crystal-gazing, he called upon spirits using this mysterious Obsidian mirror he claimed had been presented to him by the Angel Uriel. It was labeled as Dr. Dee’s “magical mirror” or “magical Speculum,” as well as “The Devil’s Looking Glass,” and was later employed by Dee’s associate, Edward Kelly, for the same purpose. [Kunz, 195][www.britishmuseum.org][en.wikipedia.org][hermetic.com][Fernie, 377]

In Native American teachings, Black Obsidian is compared to the Great Void or the Great Mystery from which all things are created, and is considered a stone for spiritual dreaming and initiation. It is best used in the western quadrant of the Native American medicine wheel. [Lembo, 234]

The legend of Apache Tears claims the Earth cried whenever an Apache warrior was killed in battle. It stems from an incident in the 1870’s when a tribe of 75 Pinal Apaches were pursued by the U.S. cavalry for raids on an Arizona settlement. Those who weren’t killed in the initial volley of shots leapt over a precipice to their death rather than die at the hands of the soldiers. The women of the lost warriors were said to have wept for a month and their sorrow was so sincere, the Great Spirit pressed their tears into small black stones, that when held to the light, reveals the tears of the Apache. These stones are believed to bring good luck and whoever owns one will never have to cry again, for the Apache women shed their tears in place of ours. [Eason, 194][Melody, 441][Mella, 92][Ahsian, 39][www.firstpeople.us]

Apache Tears are also reputed to expel the venom of snakebite. [Melody, 442]

In the Hawaiian Islands a type of Obsidian called “Pele’s Hair” occurs as thin strands of volcanic glass fibers that are stretched by the winds and resemble human hairs. It is named after the Polynesian Volcano Goddess, Pele, who is believed to live in the crater of the Kilauea volcano on the island of Hawaii. The ancient Polynesian culture believed Pele kept the souls of the dead in her underworld realm and sent them back to earth along with her lava to be reincarnated. This phenomenon occurs in other parts of the world near lava flows; in Iceland it is called nornahár or “Witch’s Hair.” [en.wikipedia.org][www.paganlore.com][bungalo.com]

Rainbow Obsidian appears as ordinary Obsidian until held in the light, and then reveals its beautiful multi-colored iridescence. According to myth, Rainbow Obsidian can be found after the sky turns black with rain and as the rainbow appears when the rain clears away. [Eason, 366]

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