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Your Questions Answered

We asked you what questions you had about crystals. We’ve picked out several to address in this email but we will be answering more soon! Do you have a question you want to ask our crystal experts? Click here to send it in.

When will I meet my soulmate and how can I find my soulmate? – Nikita

Answer: You have many options using crystals to find a soul mate and even to determine when you will meet them.
The crystals that are used in searching for a soulmate are crystals with Dark Red crystal energy. Dark Red is the energy of building passion in your life, finding a soulmate, achieving something important, and making a relationship serious.

To use these crystals, one excellent method is to set up a “Finding a Soul Mate” grid. The best design is the Vesica Pisces. The Vesica Pisces is two overlapping circles, an ancient and Sacred Geometry design that is perfect. The Focus stone should be a Rose Quartz crystal to bring in the Universal Life Force of Love. The Way Stones should be Blue Lace Agate. You want the gentle flow of Water Energy to nourish your coming relationship. You Desire Stones should be Dark Red of some sort.  We suggest Red Aventurine or Red Jasper or Chestnut Jasper or a stone called Red Malachite which is also a red jasper.

Set the grid up in your bedroom. Keep a small votive candle lighted there several hours a day.  As you walk past the grid or when you light or extinguish the candle for the day, just pause a minute and give thanks for the life you have and think of something you have done for others that makes you worthy of love. You see the Universe is very much “what you give, you get” so during your day, make sure you are “paying forward.” Use the grid to ask the Universal Spirit to grant your desire for a soul mate.

Do not be discouraged. The Universe works in its own time. Do your part.

There is more… Crystal Astrology can help, too. The best time to really focus on the grid is during certain times of the Moon’s transit of the Zodiac. The Moon’s transit of the Zodiac takes about 28 days and in that time each of the parts of the Zodiac it visits are called Mansions of the Moon. (if you divide the Zodiac into 12 parts you get the familiar signs like Virgo and Aries.  If you divide it into 28 parts you get the Mansions of the Moon,)

There are several Mansions of the Moon when the cosmic energy is more aligned with the desire to find a soul mate. Mansions 3, 20, and 24 are the most auspicious.

Mansion 3 is the Mansion of the Hearth.  This is a time when the cosmic energy is under the Moons influence to bring families together.

Mansion 20 is the Mansion of the Flame of Passion.  You certainly are seeking a passionate relationship and this is the premier time of the Moon’s energy to bring that energy to your life.

Mansion 24 is the Mansion of the Wind.  This is a time of the energy of change and new days.  You are seeking exactly that.

If you wish to know when the Moon will be in these Mansions, the Crystal Daily Horoscope kit comes with complete instructions to chart the movement of the Moon.

We suggest you also surround your grid on those days with crystals associated with those Mansions  You can find them all here at Crystal Vaults.

Another way to bring a soulmate into your life is to enlist the aid of the ancient Armenian Sun God Mihr known as the light of heaven. His light is used to find a soul mate. Use your Sacred Space and light a candle of bright white and seek his help.

The answer to your question “When will I find my soulmate” depends on how well you bring the Universal Life Force into your quest.

We have made a FREE grid to help you or anyone else looking for the same thing. Click here to download and print the Find My Soulmate Grid. Use the instructions above for assembly.

Do all crystals bring in positivity and dispel negativity? – Carrie

Answer: The short answer is not necessarily. In the eBook, Preparing Crystals you can learn that crystals have to be cleansed, charged, awakened, and focused. So, a single crystal may well be full of negative energy and it will not do anything to bring positive benefits to your healing or life.

If you want a crystal to “bring in positivity” like healing energy you must first cleanse it of any negative energy. Crystals pick up negative energy from being around negativity, anger, distrust, fighting, discord, and other environments of unpleasantness.

There are many ways to cleanse a crystal and they use the four elements of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. All are explained in the ebook

Crystals to bring in positivity need to be charged. Just like a person or plant, crystals need nourishment to work. Again, see the ebook for how to do that.

Awakening the spirit of the stone and aligning its energy are also needed to complete the preparation of a crystal for use. These are also covered in the ebook.

Even with proper preparation, some crystals are much better suited for certain activities. Their crystal matrix, color rays, and earth energy based on their chemical family all make their uses unique. There are many grids on the Crystal Vaults site to help you find the perfect crystal for a particular use.

What crystal makes you look young beautiful and attractive?

Answer: I bet you want the answer to this. If we knew, we would have long ago published this for the world.

However, while there is no crystal fountain of youth and beauty, maybe crystals can help with that desire. You see, while it would be nice if we all stayed young and beautiful, we also all seem to want a long and healthy life.

Almost everyone desires to live a long and healthy life full of love, laughter, and happiness. It is true that we will never know when our number will be up, but we can do things today to help extend our lives long into the future. While eating right and exercising can help you live a long life, crystals can help too!

Living a long and full life can be aided by many factors, did you know that crystals can be one? Specifically, indigo colored crystals can help you live a long life. Indigo is a soft color ray that is made for introspection, and crystals of this color can help you immensely in your quest for wisdom. Indigo is the color of virtue and maturity. Indigo colored crystals are also associated with the brow chakra. Use one to see clearly and help understand what you see.

Indigo Crystals Bring You Wisdom, Truth, Dignity, and Spiritual Mastery

Indigo colored stones combine the intuition of the violet ray with the trust of the pure blue ray. They can help you find your way to a higher plane of consciousness. The indigo crystals are beautiful and powerful stones that will bring you reflexive awareness and comprehension of complex relationships. Indigo is also the color of judgment and long life.

When looking for an aid to assist in a long life we recommend the gorgeous indigo colored Iolite. Like a crisp, dark winter sky, Iolite, in shifting shades of violet-blue carries the spirit of journey, of dreams and intuition, of exploration and illumination. It is known as the Vikings’ Compass and provides the vision to move us, physically and spiritually, from one realm to the next. A stone of judgment and long life, it promotes introspection and can result in profound wisdom when used well. It is not the crystal fountain of youth but perhaps can make your life better anyway.

What crystal brings you favor? 

Answer: We interpret the question to mean a crystal that brings good luck.

Luck is an interesting topic to talk about. It seems as if some people completely believe in the power of good luck and the curse of bad luck, while the other half seem to laugh them off and chalk everything up to fate.

Luck is a funny thing because they say either you have it, or you don’t. But what if you could harness it a little better than that? Have you noticed truly lucky people seem to have some sort of talisman or good luck charm? The group that doesn’t believe in luck may laugh it off but often notice, those people seem to be far luckier than they are. What kind of charm are those people missing? They are missing the power of crystals.

Bringing luck into your life can be aided by the use of violet crystals. Like the sleepy, misty time of year that produces its rays, violet is the color ray of intuition, dreams, nobility, and luxury. It inspires awe and invites a feeling of mystery and magic, reminiscent of the mystery and magic of life’s rejuvenation and renewal. Violet color rays are powerful aids in interpreting our dreams, inspiring us to great deeds and accomplishments, and putting the magic back in our lives and relationships.

Violet Crystals Bring You Intuition, Magic, Dreams, and Imagination

A powerful dark violet crystal is just the trinket you need to boost the good luck in your life. A faceted, translucent, and vibrant dark violet crystal is magic on a higher plane. Dark violet is the true color ray of good luck. Luck is a dream manifested. Dark violet is the color ray that connects dreams and reality. Dark violet crystals have special powers. They are the dream crystals. They are the windows to the soul and the world beyond our ordinary understanding.

To improve your luck we recommend dark violet Amethyst. Amethyst has been highly esteemed throughout the ages for its stunning beauty and legendary powers to stimulate, and soothe, the mind and emotions. Amethyst protects against psychic attack, paranormal harm, or ill-wishing, and returns the energy back to the universe after being transformed into positive, loving energy. To increase this power and attract good luck, draw an image of the sun and the crescent moon over an Amethyst in lavender incense smoke.

Another crystal that can be used to enhance your luck is Sugilite. Sugilite is used to focus and amplify the Universal Life Force to remove unwanted negativity and give you a feeling of self-confidence and inspiration. We suggest you always carry one with you! Sugilite is a Seeker Energizer and the energy from this crystal will focus and multiply your desires and efforts to point to a path to that which you seek.

When looking to bring a little more luck in your life, dark violet crystals can help. They are often revered as magical and can help aid in our creativity and bringing our dreams to life. What is luckier than that? For enhanced luck and an extra bit of magic in your life, we recommend Amethyst and Sugilite. You can also try some of the crystals recommended by other authors such as Onyx and Sunstone.

Philip Permutt recommends Onyx which is a stone for banishing grief, enhancing self-control, and wise decision making. Onyx is good for decision-making. It also brings luck and happiness in the home. It can also help grief and lack of self-control. Onyx helps you take charge of situations and brings you a good balance for yin-yang.

Michael Gienger advocates Sunstone which is an incredibly effective barrier against misfortune. Sunstone helps us discover and live out our own inner nature. It helps us to affirm our lives and to allow our strong points and ‘sunny sides’ to shine. Sunstone brings back the belief in luck and happiness and the ‘benevolent gods’. It also encourages optimism and a desire for action.

Good luck.

My grandchild wants to live with me. Her mom is abusive what stones or grid should be helpful for manifesting her living with me? – Lyndora

Answer: If you are seeking to manifest a wish or desire, your idea to use a crystal grid is an excellent one. We have done some research for you.

A grid to manifest a wish or desire should be based on the star grid design. But you may have well guessed that “when I wish upon a star”.

The grid should have a crystal in the center, the Focus Stone to bring the Universal Energy of “wish fulfillment” We find that a Citrine crystal with its golden ray of power and energy is perfect.

Next, you need to find a way to the desire or wish. In this case, we need the benevolence of someone. A perfect crystal for this is a Lapis Lazuli with its rich blue color of trust.

The Desire stones depend a bit on what you wish is about. Since this is about family we want a stone of family togetherness.

If you ask anyone to name the most important things to them, it is almost a guarantee that family will be mentioned. Family life is very important. Whether you are a teenager still in your primary family or you have grown up and started your own family, family support, cohesion, closeness, and love are all important. Did you know you can actually make your family unit stronger by just adding some crystals to your home? Certain crystals can bring us together and give us a sense of community and humanity. They are quite powerful and give off very positive and joyful feelings. One in the right area of your living room can bring a sense of closeness to each member of the family that makes family time even more special.

Orange is the most amazing color. It is one of nature’s most powerful colors. It is a color that nature uses on a vast canvas. The passion of the red ray has an almost multiplicative effect in the orange ray as it combines with the happy elements of gold. Orange is the color of joy and friendship. Joy is a pure emotion, an elusive one, but a heartfelt one. Often as people grow older, they lose the capacity for experiencing pure joy. It can be a simple delight or a deep, lasting feeling. If something seems to be missing but you can’t really describe it, perhaps a bit of orange mixed in your daily life is needed.

Orange Colored Crystals Bring You Joy, Friendship, Pleasure, and Family Togetherness

The strength of the red rays joined with the powerful fire of the gold rays give orange crystals the power to combine, integrate, and unite. Darker shades of orange deepen the sense of belonging and home.
To keep a family happy together, a team working well, or a congregation united, a dark orange crystal is perfect. Some of the uses of orange crystals include focusing our energy to overcome distrust, timidity, or shyness. These anti-social behaviors make friendships suffer. Use an orange crystal when you want to focus your energy on developing outgoing, caring, and friendly behaviors.

Like the unexpected fire of a sunset, or the first flash of autumn brilliance, Carnelian captivates. Its bold energy brings a rush of warmth and joy that lingers, stimulating, and empowering. Known as a stone of motivation and endurance, leadership, and courage, Carnelians have protected and inspired throughout history. Orange Carnelian brings joy and friendship, pleasure, and family togetherness. It is a happy and sharing stone, integrating the parts of our communal lives, bringing things and people together. Carnelian utilizes Fire energy. Fire energy is the energy of enthusiasm, warmth, brightness, illumination, and activity. Use its energy to give your life the boost it needs to enhance your standing in the community and within your family. We will use Carnelian as our Desire Stone.

So, you need a grid based on the Star design with a center stone of Citrine, Way Stones of Lapis Lazuli, and Desire Stones of Carnelian.

We have made a FREE grid for you or anyone else that is looking to manifest a desire or wish. Click here to download the My Wish Grid. Use the instructions above for assembly. We wish you a lot of luck and send positive thoughts to you to help your situation.

Have a question you want to be answered in the next email? Click here to send it to us.

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