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Ways to Use Healing Crystals in Yoga

Choose your favorite small tumbled stones and place them around your yoga mat. Placing them at the top of your mat will give them the most presence in your practice, but arranging them in a crystal grid pattern around you can also be very powerful. Avoid large or pointed crystals. As you are holding a pose, you can meditate on a single crystal and its intentions. For example, meditating on Amethyst while thinking about clearing all negative energies and opening the crown chakra.

You can wear crystal jewelry while practicing. Tumbled stone bracelets are highly recommended since they do not get in the way. Others recommend gemstone mala beads.

Infuse your yoga mat with crystal energy by leaving a crystal in your yoga bag that carries your mat. We suggest using any stone used for clearing negative energy or attracting positive energy.

Place several small crystals into a pouch and use them for divination. Think of a question like, “what should be my intention or focus be in today’s practice?” then take one crystal out of the pouch to reveal the stone to focus on.

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