Home Cleansing + Protection

Photo by Rowan Heuvel on Unsplash

  Cleansing and Protecting Your Home with the use of crystals and sage Items Needed: White Sage Smudge Stick Selenite Black Tourmaline Black Tourmaline EMF Plate Sticker Rose Quartz (optional) Directions: Completing this ritual during the Hunter’s Blue Moon will make it extra powerful and last longer. However, any Full Moon can also work. First, open…

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Ways to Use Healing Crystals in Yoga

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

Choose your favorite small tumbled stones and place them around your yoga mat. Placing them at the top of your mat will give them the most presence in your practice, but arranging them in a crystal grid pattern around you can also be very powerful. Avoid large or pointed crystals. As you are holding a…

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Tourmaline Protection at Halloween

During late October, around the Halloween season, we humans collectively, all over the world, are somehow drawn to find a connection to the spirit world. During this time of year, hundreds of thousands of people are engaged in the same thing: seeking an interaction, an understanding, or a connection to the spirit world. This worldwide effort…

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