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The New Moon – trees and you

The cycle of the moon is one of birth, fruition, and renewal.  Each moon cycle the Moon’s energy grows from the New Moon through the Full Moon, then wanes back to the New Moon.  Each new Moon occurs while the Moon is transiting one of the Mansions of the Moon.  This Mansion is known as the Mansion of the New Moon.  It’s power is to set the energy focus for the moon cycle.

The New Moon begins today with the Moon in the 23rd Mansion, the Mansion of the Trees

Trees have always been economic and environmental resources for society, but they are also a part of our emotional, cultural and spiritual lives. Ties between trees and people go back thousands of years.  Our special relationship of reverence for trees have been kept in many ways across the world and the centuries in religious rites and folk tradition.The woods were humankind’s first home and temple, and still today many varieties are still key parts of many religious rites.

When the New Moon occurs in the 23rd Mansion, we all need to be naturalist for the coming cycle.  Find a way to do your part to help preserve the natural beauty and bounty of Mother Nature.  Work in a garden, volunteer on an ecology project or nature center.  The Earth is your mother, and the energy today is one of nurturing that  relationship, as we have nowhere else to go.

The crystals of the Mansion of the Trees will all be more energetic this month.  These are theTree Agate, Agate, Green Aventurine, Petrified wood and Clear Quartz.  If you have any of these stones get them out and carry them with you each day during this Moon cycle.  They will give you a sense of belonging to the Earth and bring the Earth energy of the Moon in the 23rd Mansion to your life this month.  We all seek to “belong.” Try connecting with Mother Earth this month.  Visit a forest or just sit under a tree occasionally.  Bring your crystals to a favorite tree.  Let them connect too.

The New Moon began early this morning.  You are in the first Moon cycle of 2020.  Connect with the energy of the Moon and your crystals and see if you feel better about yourself and your life.  We suspect you will find great comfort here.

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