Thanksgiving Full Moon Ritual of Thanks for Life and Breath

As Thanksgiving approaches here is a simple Moon Ritual that you might use to thank the Universal Spirit for your very life and breath. You can create a meaningful ritual for yourself and you will find it very rewarding.

 As you develop your thankfulness ritual, make it one that shares that thankfulness for the  breath of life with other.  In additional to your thankfulness moon crystal ritual, take some time during this month to pay your debt of live and breath  forward by making the lives of others a bit better.  Contribute to worthy causes or volunteer to support the men and women that daily risk their lives and breath so others can enjoy their time on this Earth.

To celebrate the breath of life, here is a fitting ritual for the Full Moon this month of November.

You will need a candle, a small empty cup, a selenite crystal, a sacred space, a few special crystal essences, a small glass of water and a flower.

To thank the Universe and show your appreciation for the very breath of life you have, first wait until the Full Moon is well above the horizon.

Now set up your sacred space, or use a small white cloth on a table.

Place a single selenite crystal in the center of the space or cloth.  As you do chant the following clearly and slowly:

May the Creator bring understanding and divine clarity into my life!
May the powers of Breath allow me to repay the debt of life to others!
May I ever be able to grant the gift of life and safety to those around me.

Now light your candle.  We suggest one with the aroma of  Frankincense and Myrrh. (If you do not have one, here is what we use)

Place the candle on the right side of your space.  As you do, seek the guidance of the Universe to light your path to understanding and clarity.

Now take the empty cup and hold it up to your mouth and breathe into it slowly and with deliberate focus.  As you do hold the thought that

“I thank the Godhead for the very life force of the air I breathe.”

Next place the cup now filled with your breath on the sacred space and put the silver topaz in the cup.  You may want to add any special essences to the glass. We use the essence of Moonstone and Selenite to honor the goddesses of the Moon.

  Now fill the cup with water and add the flower.  As you do focus your thoughts on the Full Moon energy of thankfulness that is flooding your soul.  Contemplate the small glass of water, crystal essences, silver topaz and a flower for a few minutes.  Your ritual is complete.  You will find a sense of being connected to the Universe.  You might now go outside and take the glass of water, selenite, essences, and flower with you.  Hold it up to the Moon and just connect with the heavens that have given you life.



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