Learn How to use Apophyllite to See Into the Future

Are you Clairvoyant? There are many people who are that just don’t know it. Simply because they don’t have the right tools or have never tried.

Clairvoyance is one of the major psychic abilities and means “clear seeing.” This psychic ability allows you to tap into the knowledge of your soul, and the collective knowledge of all souls of the universe, including those of the past and those not manifested yet to see beyond the limits of normal perception.

If you “have a feeling” about something from time to time, or find yourself saying, “I knew that would happen”, perhaps you are somewhat psychic. The mind is unfathomable in its powers, we all know that,

If you would like to test and use what natural ability you may well have, we have worked with some psychics and crystal masters to bring you a simple, but powerful method.

Items needed:

1. 1 Apophyllite
2. 6 Shungite stones
3. 1 candle (any candle will work. However, we find ones made with Lemon essential oils to work best. It promotes an open and awake mind while increasing psychic abilities. We recommend our Mansion of the Flames of Passion Candle with Lemon)
4. An item that acts as a representation of the person or event or object about which you wish to apply clairvoyance


Anytime, but the week around the New Moon works best

The Process

The process is relatively simple, but it took many experiments to discover.

In a quiet place (that part is very important) where you will not be disturbed, place the candle on a small table in front of you to the left. Next to the candle in front of you place your Apophyllite. Between the candle and the Apophyllite crystal, place a representation of the person, event, or place you are trying to see with your psychic abilities. This is easy these days, you can just put a picture of it on your cell phone and place it there.

Next, to seek something in the future, use the dark, and powerful energy of Shungite. Place a row of three of them next to the Apophyllite. The row runs towards you and away from you. Next to that, center a row of 2 stones and then next to that a single stone. You have made a representation that looks like an arrowhead facing to the right.

Now you are ready.

Light the candle and alternate your vision between your picture or representation and the Apophyllite crystal. In your mind’s eye slowly start to superimpose the picture into the crystal. As you do so, watch the area above the crystal. You may well start to see images, swirls of color, aura, or out of focus pictures. Just watch and let your mind do what it will.

This process takes awhile – about 5 minutes or so to get started. But you may well receive images for many minutes. Do not try to figure out what you see. Your subconscious will help with time. What may well occur is over the next few hours you will suddenly get a flash of understanding as your subconscious processes the visions.

This takes a bit of practice but can be well worth the small investment of time.

More About Apophyllite 

The prismatic crystals of Apophyllite are natural crystals with good form and clarity. The short prismatic habit is typical and often produces natural rainbows when the light is right. They are quite bright, mostly clear to white crystals.

Apophyllite can be used to enhance and stimulate one’s intuitive vision. It is used to create a conscious connection between the physical form and the spiritual realm. It can also be excellent for communications with angels and light spirits. Apophyllite enhances the flow of Reiki energy and helps healers be a pure channel. It promotes total honesty and harmony with people.

Apophyllite can be a wonderful meditative tool. It works to infuse the aura and physical body with high-frequency light energy. It releases suppressed emotions and helps overcomes anxiety, worries, and fear.

“When I began to work meditatively with three small clusters of clear Apophyllite, I was immediately buoyed up in my mood and made aware of an interior presence of joy. There is something that delights one’s heart in clear Apophyllite, something that feels like the stones’ own attitude of delight.” – Robert Simmons, crystal author and healer

More About Shungite

Shungite is a powerful shield that absorbs negative energy. It is a healing and grounding stone with the elemental power of purity. It is also reported to help shield you from electromagnetic radiation. Most report it to be an excellent agent to purify a location or room. Black crystals are very protective and offer you a retreat, the safety of being hidden from your enemies. Use them as protective amulets. Carry them when you are concerned with your personal safety. Keep one near your front door.

Shungite is a Purifier Stone. It is elemental carbon. Purifiers are stones composed of a single element. The Purifiers are all crystals that are composed of but a single element. Everything on this planet is made up of elements. They are the building blocks of matter. Because they combine with other elements to form compounds, most elements are not found in a pure state in nature.

The uses of the natural element class of crystals include promoting honesty, building faith, working for peace, giving joy to others, supporting charity, becoming humble, achieving spiritual growth, building virtues such as patience and courage, and protecting innocence. The pure motives align with the pure elemental power of the Purifiers.

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