Polished Carnelian Point-186855

Carnelian Fire Energy Talisman

Do You Need Some Added Luck & Energy?


If you have only one crystal or rock I suggest it is a Carnelian. It is a simple, powerful amulet that no one will suspect is anything magical. But it can be. It is easy to carry, actually enjoyable to use, quite attractive, durable, and can be programmed in a unique and very helpful way.

Carnelian is an ancient amulet of luck. This is well known and often mentioned when it is sold. What is not generally known is that is also an ancient symbol of Fire Energy and can be programmed to bring pure Fire energy to the body when needed. It can be like those energy drinks – but you only have to buy one.
Here is how to make a simple but powerful hot Fire Energy strength talisman:

Get a small piece of Carnelian. A flat pocket square, worry stone, pyramid, egg, sphere, or pendant works well. Next, cleanse it with water. Use running water. A minute or two will do. Next, light a candle (we prefer using a Fire Energy candle like the Mansion of the Sacred Flames Candle) and gently wave the Carnelian in the smoke above the flame. As you do so state clearly that you intend this stone to gather the raw Fire Energy of the flame. A minute or two is all that is necessary.

Now here is the secret. Hold the stone over your Heart Chakra for a few minutes (in the center of your chest). Let it feel the life flow of the heart and the energy of your heart chakra. Be still as you do so.

This preparation should be repeated weekly. Carry the Carnelian with you always. Use it by rubbing it with your thumb and fingers. As you do, feel the Fire energy flow into your palm up to your arm and to your heart. It can be quite a sensation. Not only will these incredible crystals give you a boost of energy, but they are also well known good luck charms!

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