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How to Generate a Violet Flame Using Sugilite Crystals

“What if there was a secret that for thousands of years was known to only a few saints and mystics of East and West? What if this secret was so powerful and life-changing that it was taught by many spiritual teachers to only certain devotees, lest it be misused by mankind? What if it had the power to erase your past, correct your mistakes and to bring forgiveness and healing, and to propel you forward on your soul’s journey? Today this secret is secret no more, and it is available to you and to people of all cultures and spiritual traditions who would avail themselves of it. It can change your life forever. This once well-kept secret is the violet flame.”

So begins “Violet Flame, Alchemy for Personal Change” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

The web site, Reiki Rays explains further…

”The violet flame is a powerful tool that can come to our aid. The Violet Flame is associated with the seventh ray of spiritual light. It is said that, in the past, the power of the violet flame was known only to a few Ascended Masters and other Higher Beings. But in the New Age of today, its power is being made available to all those who are ready to work with it. Saint Germain is the Ascended Master responsible for making the power of the violet flame available to the world today.”

The violet flame is a symbolic name that is given to the transformative abilities of spiritual energy. Spiritual energy can help us move through many obstacles on our path and heal a multitude of problems from physical and emotional issues, to relationship problems.

Also called the “Flame of Transmutation,” the “Flame of Mercy,” the “Flame of Freedom,” and the “Flame of Forgiveness,” the violet flame is a sacred fire that transforms and purifies negative “karma” or blockages.

The violet flame is a powerful symbol and form of imagery that can be used as a catalyst for healing any blockages we carry, and it makes use of two important tools: the healing properties of color and sound. It is used for healing others and healing one’s self.

The violet flame is created rather easily with a sugilite crystal or pendant and repeated decrees (mantras).

Items needed:

To generate a Violet Flame, you will need clothing of white, a Sugilite crystal or Sugilite pendant, a sacred space, a small candle, and a very, very quiet place and time. Wait until as late at night as possible. You must have a very, very quiet place.


If you have a Sacred Space, set it up. If not, find a small table or part of a table and cover it with a white cloth.

Next, dress completely in white. Sit in front of your sacred space and light a small candle and place it in the sacred space. It is all that will be there right now. As you do simply ask the Universe to listen to your prayer.

Now, take your Sugilite crystal or pendant and hold it crystal near your third eye a few inches away. Close your eyes. Now in your mind’s eye, see a small ball of white light begin to grow in the center of your being. It may be in your lower abdomen or in your forehead. It is different for different people. Don’t worry about where it is. Breathe slowly and with each breath see the ball become white flames until it blazes like the sun. Let the ball of white fire grow with each breath until it completely surrounds you.

Now charge your Sugilite crystal or pendant. State this aloud: “I summon the Violet Flame of Forgiveness and Healing.” You will see the white fire begin to glow violet in your mind’s eye and your aura and the sugilite become a single glowing and somewhat pulsating light. Soon you will see yourself immersed in a violet cloud of spiritual energy.

If you are using a pendant, now is the time to put it on. If you are using a crystal, set it in the front of your sacred space in front of the candle. In your mind’s eye, collect all of that energy slowly into your crystal or pendant. As you do repeat this mantra, “With this crystal, I am the Violet Flame of transformation – ready to heal.” Repeat this several times as the violet energy is stored in the stone. Once it is all there simply state your desire that the Violet Flame awaits your needs. The Sugilite is now easily handled and will look the same as when you started.

You know now that your Sugilite crystal or pendant is ready for use. If you are going to conduct a healing session for another, put the crystal in a dark place until you need it. If you are working on your own spirit, begin a meditation session immediately.

Here is how to use the Violet Flame in your Sugilite:

Dress in white. Now either hold the Sugilite crystal in two hands in front of you about eye high or put on the pendant. As you prepare to use the crystal, focus your inner mind’s eye on the violet energy pulsing in the crystal. State your desire that the “Violet Flame joins my spirit.” See it begin to flow from the crystal and work up your arms until it consumes your entire body or spread out from your breastbone. Your aura will “feel” violet. Breath easily and repeat your mantra of “Violet Flame join my spirit”

You are ready to heal yourself or another. If you are using a crystal you can leave it now and your energy will be available from it. If you are using a pendant, just continue to wear it. You will find the power of the violet flame not only will absorb the negativity of past issues, but it causes them to fade over time from your spirit, freeing it to live and love.

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