High Energy Crystal Play

Sometimes you do not need a sacred place or a ceremony or even a ritual. Sometimes all you need are a few crystals, a clear intention, and a bit of a sense of fun.

Here is an example.

Say you want to rev up your energy levels and would like some help with that. Let’s get a small red sphere – a Red Creek Jasper Sphere with its high physical energy color and some real energy stones – Kambaba Jasper Tumbled Set! That combination of pure Fire and Wood energy will do the trick.

Now the fun part. Set up the “Dragon’s Mouth”. This is a horseshoe-shaped arrangement of 6 or so Kambaba Jasper Tumbled Set on your living room rug. This is your target. Now move away from it about 3-4 feet, sit on the floor (or if unable, set this up on a tabletop with a blanket on it).

Now try to roll the red sphere – we use a Red Creek Jasper Sphere – at the right angle and speed to roll it into the Dragon’s Mouth but not hit any of the Kambaba Jaspers. Keep at this until you can make this roll from 5 feet!

When you have done this amazing feat you will find that the energy of the stones and the activity and the feeling of success will have revitalized you.

Feel free to make this a family effort.

Sometimes the energy of the stone is easy to release and absorb. You will find the Jaspers in this adventure really work well to being the physical awakening you seek.

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