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Four Crystals You Could Use Right Now

Hi! It’s Kat and I have a personal message for you.

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Good evening all of my crystal lovers. This is Kat, reporting to you from my back porch in Florida this evening. I wanted to record a personal message for all of my night owl friends and, of course, our friends who will wake up in the morning when we’re fast asleep. Times have been strange. I’m not sure if you feel that way or not but I know a lot of my friends feel the same. Therefore, I wanted to reach out to you personally and talk to you about some crystals that have been helping me through.

There are actually four crystals that I can’t do without right now. They have been wonderful companions and have really helped me through the past several months. I assumed that I was just attached to these crystals, these were my crystals, basically. However, when one of my close friends was having a hard time recently, I had the idea to send her these four crystals that have been helping me. She also loves crystals and knows a bit about them herself but I didn’t tell her what they were for specifically or how they had been helping me. She instinctively put them around her desk at home, even if just to look at them while she worked. After a few days, she started feeling better. She felt more optimistic, positive, and even felt as if her luck might be changing for the better. Maybe these weren’t just my crystals.

I decided to try with one more person. So, I bought a set for my Mom as well. I just told her to carry them in her purse, which she always has next to her whether she is at home or out somewhere. After about two days, she just seemed lighter, like a weight was lifted off her shoulders. She told me her head just felt clearer and she wasn’t feeling as emotional as she normally was. That was enough for me to believe I had found a really good combination of crystals for these uncertain times. So, tonight I’m going to share them with you.

I’ve been using a Lapis Lazuli Pyramid, a Rose Quartz Pyramid, Green Aventurine Tumbled Stones, and Carnelian Tumbled Stones. I hand-selected each of these crystals for specific reasons. They each do work for those specific reasons but something about the harmony between all four of them is just incredible. So, the reason I chose the Lapis and Rose Quartz pyramids so they would both be the same shape and connected. Plus, pyramid shapes are very powerful and I needed something powerful for this purpose. The Lapis is to help clear my head, help me understand and speak the truth, and to keep negative thoughts and energy away. The Rose Quartz is purely for emotional reasons. It is one of the best heart stones around. It helps soothe my heart, emotions, and brings me a sense of inner peace. The Lapis and Rose Quartz Pyramids connect in a special way and help balance my head and my heart, which is a much-needed thing for me.

The Green Aventurine I chose for several reasons but mainly good fortune and good luck. However, it is also well known for bringing hope, optimism, and joy. Finally, I added the Carnelian for motivation and energy, which I definitely needed more of. But Carnelian also adds more joy and luck into your luck, so I had no problem doubling up on that.

When I am looking to build a healing regimen like this, I try to look for and buy affordable crystals. This is not only for my own budget but I really like to buy crystals for my friends when they need them when I find something that works. You can get all four of these crystals for only $50, which is already a great deal. Of course, I get an employee discount which makes it even more affordable. I talk to a lot of you every single day through emails and social media, so I feel like a lot of you are my friends, too. Therefore, I think you should be able to use my discount, too. Kind of like a friends and family sort of thing. If you want to buy any or all of these four crystals, you can use my discount code KAT25, that’s K-A-T twenty-five for a limited time. That way, you can buy all four of these crystals for only $38, which is a really great deal.

The Green Aventurine and Carnelian come in sets of six. The pyramids are a bit more expensive. So, what I started doing is ordering the pyramids and tumbled sets to my house and then I will send out the two pyramids and two Carnelian and two Green Aventurine. Then I still have four each of the tumbled stones to give away. It makes it easier and more affordable to help my friends.

When you do get your crystals in the mail, I personally recommend charging them in the sunlight for one hour and in the moonlight for one hour or overnight. After that, you can put them wherever you’d like. I personally keep mine at my desk or sometimes take them outside with me to get some moonlight, which is where they currently are now.

I really hope this mini-podcast has reached you in good health and spirits and it helps you in some way. Have a wonderful evening or day. Until we meet again.

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  1. Paul Michael Santucci on November 4, 2020 at 12:39 pm

    I really appreciate your explanation of what the stones do for us. And how we can boost our experience here on this planet using Chrystal Energy. I know who and what I am. I am an Old Soul, a light worker and an empath. Thanks for your help with these energetic batteries of pure positive Energy!!!

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