Red Hematite Quartz with Chalcopyrite Cluster-0

Ending Confusion + Boosting Aptitude

It is easy to get confused. The world is a complicated place and our lives are seemingly more complicated each day. It is easy to mix things up, transpose letters and numbers, misremember names, and miss our appointments. You might wonder.. “Can crystals help?” It turns out one can… Red Hematite Quartz.

Our Quartz Crystals A-Z guide on Crystal Vaults holds the secret:
“Red Hematite Quartz is reported to help sort-out things in one’s mind and can be used for mental attunement, memory enhancement, original thinking, and technical knowledge.”

So how does it do that?

Red Hematite Quartz is a Transformer crystal of the Oxide class and brings the scarlet ray of clarity and focus. The crystal itself is usually opaque and somewhat cloudy. That is the secret. It hides its energy and does not attract many people to it.

Now, some Red Hematite clusters do attract our attention. They have the rare Attractor crystal, chalcopyrite. Attractor crystals do little by themselves but serve to bring our attention to other energies. A cluster with Red Hematite Quartz and some Chalcopyrite would serve you well. It would attract attention with the shiny golden Chalcopyrite and it would emit a clarifying and attuning ray of the energy of mental clarity.
We suggest its use is simplicity itself. Just put it on your desk where you work. Place it where you can see it, and occasionally hold it and just clear your mind.

You will also find it will give you a bit of a pick-me-up with its powerful scarlet energy.

We have one right near where we write and study. The desk would seem a bit empty and life a bit more confusing without that energy.

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