Five Keys to Mercury Retrograde Mitigation from the Crystal Masters


In addition to the current use of crystals to deal with the effects of Mercury Retrograde that are found in the Mercury Retrograde Kit and Spray, we are going even further this year to find even more ways for you to avoid the many calamities that seem to fall during this time. Our Crystal Masters have explored the ancient Hindu, European, and Asian methods of dealing with the effect of Mercury Retrograde that goes beyond crystal lore. With this, we can bring you the five keys to Mercury Retrograde mitigation.

You, (as we have) may have “stories” of the adversity, difficulties, consternations, accidents, and misfortunes that seem to arise when Mercury is in Retrograde. The time is one when seemingly every care and safety precaution seems to just “not work.”

Having too many unpleasant experiences during past retrogrades, our Crystal Masters have examined, distilled, and summarized the greatest methods and practices to not only prevent the adversity of the Mercury Retrograde but to “turn it on its head” and actually make it a time of unusual good fortune. We do depend on our crystal energy, but we know there is more to be even more confident in our remedies.

Follow the wisdom distilled from around the world and across the centuries presented in this guide and you will walk among your less fortunate with what seems a cloak of invincibility. The advice here may seem strange…. it is a strange time… but the wisdom of many cultures is here for your good fortune.

So, to avoid all adversity, difficulties, consternations, accidents, misfortune, and even inconvenience caused by a Mercury Retrograde just use the Five Keys.

Key One: Develop daily good Agami Karma

Each day you must gain some good Agami Karma. Karma means action and refers to intentional physical, verbal, or mental actions. These actions leave imprints or seeds upon our mindstreams, and the imprints ripen into our experiences when the appropriate conditions come together. For example, with a kind heart, we help someone. This action leaves an imprint on our mindstream, and when conditions are suitable, this imprint will ripen into our receiving help when we need it. This is accomplished simply: You must actively practice active kindness each day.

“Simple kindness to one’s self and all that lives is the most powerful transformational force of all. It produces no backlash, has no downside, and never leads to loss or despair. It increases one’s own true power without exacting any toll. But to reach maximum power such kindness can permit no exceptions, nor can it be practiced with the expectation of some selfish reward.”

~ Dyer, Wayne
The Power of Intention:
Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way.
Hay House, Inc.

Now, this is action to take, not just the absence of ill-temper. Therefore, you must find a few ways each day to give what others need without any credit or intent of repayment. You must forgive, forget, and honor another's needs above your own. You must show some tolerance. Most importantly, you must do this each day. If you do not practice this, none of the other keys will have any effect.


Key Two: Donate

You must give to get. Today, scientific research provides compelling data to support the notion that giving one's time, talents and treasures is a powerful pathway to finding purpose, transcending difficulties, and finding fulfillment and meaning in life.

For protection in the Mercury Retrograde, you must donate yellow and gold items. This can be clothing or money that can buy yellow clothes for someone. You can donate “gold” which in modern times is money. And… you can donate the most precious of your belonging…. time…. But you must give to get and the Universe keeps the book. (We donate to the local Animal Shelter, and it really seems to be special in its results). Like key one, if you do not follow this key the others will not avail you. Donations made on Wednesdays seem to have the best effects.


Key Three: Use the Four Elements to honor the Universal Spirit

The classification of the material world in ancient Indian, Hellenistic Egypt, and ancient Greece into Air, Earth, Fire, and Water and their guidance for applying these elements to mitigate the effects of a Mercury Retrograde give us a sound foundational key.

Water: Water is to be poured on a Tulsi plant each day. These are annuals so you will need one each year. When it is not available you must water a real tree each day. Plan ahead, a Bonzai tree is a lot easier in the dead of winter!!

Fire: Each week you must use the Herbs of Mercury to dress a candle and conduct a simple candle burning ceremony to honor the God. The herbs are any of the Convolvulaceae plant family. The preferred one is Argyreia Speciosa but any of its brethren will work. Use only Green candles. This works best on a Wednesday.

Earth: Use the Crystal Energy of crystals loved by Mercury (found in the Mercury Retrograde Kit and Spray.). Also use green crystals in talismans amulets, ornaments, powders, elixirs, baths, and such. If you are having issues, use Emerald as it is especially powerful for dealing with Retrograde. However, with the other remedies, you may not need them.

Air: Allow the wind to blow over you and wash away any bad karma you may have acquired. Do this a few times a week. You have to go outside and stand with your arms outstretched for a few minutes. Tough in the winter months, but do it.

Key Four: Consult the Oracle

From the wisdom of Asia, this is sound advice. Normally you would use coins or yarrow stalks to seek the advice of the I Ching oracle. The I Ching has served for thousands of years as a philosophical taxonomy of the universe, a guide to an ethical life, and an oracle consulted by millions around the world.

We use our I Ching card deck to simplify the consultation. You might do the same. The oracle will point you to specific remedies and you should heed the advice. This is the variable part. The Universe is constantly changing and no two Mercury Retrogrades are the same. Let the Oracle guide you to the secular and unique keys you need each time.

Key Five: Meditate Appropriately

This key is easy to use. Meditate for a few minutes each day. The power of this is vastly understated. Meditation will alter your mind state. This is a physical fact. You can actually slow down your brain wave pattern and move from the active beta state to the alpha state. This will relax both your body and your mind. Do your meditation gently and without stress. Simply pause in your day, clear your mind and seek the Universal Love for yourself and others. Your mind will interact with the Universal in a state of benign acceptance freeing you from the adversity found in the Retrograde energy.


Minor Keys:

There are a few other activities that can help.

Fast or Eat Sweet Potatoes on Wednesday.

Wear a silver necklace.

Make a grid of green crystals, Onyx, and herbs of the Convolvulaceae family and place it near where you spend time.

Seek the energy of the Sun daily.

Be nice.


With these five keys, you can continue your normal life. You will not need to avoid signing documents, starting new ventures, traveling, dating or moving or any other activity that others avoid during a Mercury Retrograde.

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Hank Mason

Hank Mason is the founder and chief author of Crystal Vaults. He is a retired USAF rescue helicopter pilot and a GIA Graduate Gemologist. Hank is also the author of The Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans and Crystal Grids, How to Combine and Focus Crystal Energies to Enhance Your Life.

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