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Cleanse the Aura with Amethyst

The purple color of Amethyst is believed to represent the merging of night and day. It possesses soothing and calm qualities that ease the physical consciousness into unconsciousness. This is going from being awake to being asleep. A powerful and protective crystal can cleanse your aura and be rid of any negative debris resulting from the stressful day.


Standing upright in a quiet room, pick up your piece of Amethyst. Close your eyes and ask the crystal to remove any negativity and dissolve any unhealthy emotions from the day. This should replace that energy with a higher spiritual vibration. Circle the stone around your body; the front, back, and sides. Feel a wonderful warmth as your energetic field is fully restored. Then, slowly come back into the room.

Cleanse the Amethyst after use to keep its energy pure and positive. You may repeat this exercise daily or as needed.

More About Amethyst Vogels

These Amethyst Vogels are powerful healing tools, as much a work of human art as it is a work of nature. This precisely cut Vogel Crystal is a refinement of the natural quartz energies. The male and female terminations are cut extremely sharp, The shorter end terminations are cut to an internal angle of 51 degrees, 51 minutes and 51 seconds.

These precision instruments are primarily used for focusing, amplifying, and transmitting healing energy. The Vogel Crystal is specifically cut to enhance transformational energies. Amethyst is a natural Transformer, and this particular cut produces the most powerful transformational energy possible.

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