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Clairvoyance Brew

Magical Herbalism

The excellent book, Magical Herbalism by the renown author, Scott Cuningham is one of my favorites. In the book he discusses a clairvoyance brew. We do follow a great deal of his advice, but as crystal alchemist, we do expand his recipes just a bit

Clairvoyance Magic

Now Clairvoyance is magic, but it is everyday magic that most people can do with a bit of preparation and practice. Clairvoyance is defined by some as the power or faculty of discerning objects not present to the senses. That is accurate. You see, your subconscious mind is much more discerning than your physical senses. What is needed for successful clairvoyance is a connection to the subconscious and one that is purposeful.

For this Clairvoyance session you will need a candle, preferably one with Frankincense scent or you need a candle and an aromatherapy diffuser with Frankincense essential oil. You will need a cooking pot, lid, some clove, chicory root, and cinquefoil. You will need a small polished Lapis and a small polished Rose Quartz. You also need a small notebook and pen. You also need your house to yourself. No children as there are dangerous activities here for kids. And no visitors to interrupt or distract. Late at night actually works best. Turn off your phone.

Preparing Clairvoyance Brew

Fill a cooking pot that has a lid with about 2 quarts of spring water. Bring it to a boil. Then add 1/2 oz powered or chopped clove and 1 oz of powered or chopped chicory root and 1/2 oz of powered or chopped cinquefoil. Add one small piece of lapis lazuli, and one small piece of rose quartz. A tumbled stone or a small pyramid or cube works well. Make sure they are polished. The lapis will bring the protection from angry or hostile thoughts from others interfering, and the rose quartz will bring the blessings of benign spirits to your visions. We have small pyramids we use.

Now remove the pot from the heat and put it on a hot pad in a place where it is safe and you will not spill it. Light your candles and start your diffuser.

Using a potholder lift the lid of the pot and carefully inhale the vapors of the herbs and crystals. Be careful and do not burn your face. Inhale the vapors and then take several breath from away from the pot. You should have a hint of Frankincense in the air from the candle or diffuser. Do this six or seven times, mixing an inhalation of the herbs and crystals alternating with two to three breaths of the ambient air. In your breathing, focus. Inhale, hold the inhalation, then exhale slowly.

After only a few minutes, you will find that you are quite calm, very relaxed, and peaceful (maybe for the first time in quite awhile)

Using your Clairvoyance Brew

Now sit very very still and quiet your mind. Take your pen and notebook in hand. If you have a particular interest in the future state it. Now start writing down the visions and images that flood your mind Don’t judge, just write. 

There is no guarantee your subconscious will be directly helpful but give it time. A few sessions will convince you that you really do know more than your senses are telling your conscious mind. Be aware that your subconscious does not speak in words or speak directly. Rather you will get images and feelings. Your conscious mind will need to sort them out. It takes some practice, but the effort is quite rewarding.

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