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Astral travel with Danburite – try it!!

Astral Travel

You may never have considered being able to travel out-of-body. You might have thought it took a lot of training and skills. Not true. Using Danburite for Astral Travel is something you can do.

With the intrinsic energy of Danburite and the right approach almost anyone can easily experience astral travel. ( and hey – no closed airports for weather or being stuck in a middle seat on a hot airplane.) Here are exact instructions.

Instructions for Using the Danburite.

Cleanse the Danburite as needed. Find a quiet place where there will be no interruptions or sounds from other people.
Set aside about 20 minutes. Now sit quietly and comfortably as you desire.

Hold the Danburite in your dominate hand. Now, focus you gaze on the Danburite and hold the gaze until you see a white or colored ray extend from the Danburite to just above your eyes. When it appears imagine that you become very small and you can crawl up to your forehead inside your head and you can travel down the beam. You can slide down it like a zip line or walk down or whatever seems right.

When you get to the Danburite crystal imagine it becomes both transparent and permeable. Then, you can see inside and you can go inside. Now find a way in and you will almost always see a door or portal or window or some kind of passageway. This is the entrance to your travel.

Go though the portal and – here you are on your own. You will be somewhere and you will see some things and you will be amazed in some way. You are traveling out of body.

When you are done exploring just turn around. You will see the portal has followed you. Go back through it up the beam of light and back into your head and body.

Have a good trip. You will find Danburite will make this quite amazing.

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