Blue Moon Crystal Conjure Bag

As the rare Full Blue Moon appeared on August 22nd and while Venus was in Libra we had a perfect opportunity to create a magnificent talisman to capture and preserve these energies of Love and Balance. And our Crystal Master did just that. Well, he did part of it. You see this is a special Blue Moon Crystal Conjure Bag talisman. It uses specially aligned Green Flame Peridot along with four other components. You make it, keep it safe, activate it, and feed it. You do so with a simple, short, but profoundly effective ceremony for as long as you wish to have both love and balance in your life. We have a bit of explaining to do.

The most authoritative meaning of a blue moon is the third one in a season that has four. There are usually 12 full moons per year, but occasionally there are 13. In one of those unusual years, one of the year's four quarters will have 4 full moons. The third one is a blue moon. So yes, we also say the second full moon in a calendar moon is blue, but really that is a historical mistake.

According to Rachel Patterson, author of Pagan Portals – Moon Magic, “There is a belief that the Blue Moon holds the knowledge of the Crone and, therefore, all the wisdom of the Triple Goddesses combined. It is also said that the Blue Moon brings a time of heightened communication and connection with the Divine and the spirit world." We certainly agree.

blue moon

Venus in Libra

The blue moon picks up the energy of the heavens in which it appears. In this case, Venus is in the same sign, Libra. As tells us: Venus is Libra's ruler, so this is where the planet can work its magic most efficiently. "Since Libra is a sign that focuses a lot of its energy on one-on-one connections, love and relationships will be at the forefront of our minds," says Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for

Love and Balance Blue Moon Crystal Conjure Bag

To capture and preserve and use this magical energy we are offering a special crystal conjure bag talisman. A conjure bag goes by many names in various magical practices. You may have heard of Mojo bags, Gris grids bags, amulet bags, etc. The moon magic form we call a crystal conjure bag.

They are a small flannel bag containing five special items. Three are crystals, one is an herb, and one is a token of some sort. We can provide the bag, the crystals, the herb, the instructions, and the anointing oil and optional candle - you have to add the token, as it has to be a personal item.

Item List

*If you're setting up a sacred space and already have the Sacred Space Crystal Candle, you can use that instead of the Libra Crystal Candle. If you do not have either, we recommend the Libra Candle for this ritual.

**Using a crystal cleansing spray for this ritual is optional but preferred. If you're setting up a sacred space and already have the Sacred Space Crystal Spray, you can use that instead of the Blue Moon Attuned Crystal Spray. If you do not have either, we recommend the Blue Moon Spray for this ritual.

Instructions to Make a Blue Moon Crystal Conjure Bag

To make this Crystal Conjure bag of the Blue Moon’s Love and Balance energy we are going to use some very special crystals.

First, we are going to use our Reiki ceremonial approach and align some Peridot with beautiful Green Ray Fire energy from the Full Moon to apply the wisdom of its power to create and grow love and balance in the material world. This Green Fire-aligned Peridot will be the foundation of our Crystal Conjure Bag of Love and Balance. The Peridot will be aligned at the time of the Blue Moon’s rise by our Crystal master using special Reiki symbols of love and balance.

Next, you'll need a Citrine and Rose Quartz crystal to combine with your aligned Peridot.

We will then add lemongrass.

You will have the conjure bag, the aligned peridot, the crystals of citrine, and rose quartz and will just need to add a personal token. The personal token can be anything meaningful to you. It can be a picture, a hair clipping, a ring, a key, or almost anything that represents love and balance in your life.

Once you have the token, you will then assemble the bag by adding the crystals, lemongrass, and your token.

The bag is then activated by the breath of life - your breath. You open the top of the bag and breathe into it several times adding your very life essence to the contents.

You then close and tie the bag shut. You will not open it again.

The bag is then to be anointed. You must offer the Universal Mind an offering and you do this by anointing your talisman bag with an appropriate natural oil. This needs to be done every week.

It is done in a simple ceremony of fire. You light a candle and take your oil and put one drop on your index finger. You hold the finger towards the flame and offer a simple prayer or chant that requests that love and balance continue to be in your life. You then touch the bag five times in the shape of the five pips on a dice. You then extinguish the candle and keep the bag close to you for another week.

This talisman bag is not to be touched or viewed by anyone else. Do not open it ever. Be very religious about weekly anointing to keep it energized. Expect that love and balance will be yours.

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