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almanac of gaia 2023

Your Complete Guide to the Coming Year

The 2023 Almanac of Gaia is your window into the future and guide to using your crystals to get what you want and need in 2023. This Almanac is your "wise counselor," guru, and advisor in a simple-to-read, simple-to-understand, and simple-to-use daily guide to the swirling currents of Life in 2023.

For this version of the Almanac, we added a dated planner to maximize productivity, assist in achieving all the goals you set for yourself, and help you find balance in your life. You'll easily be able to see what mansion the Moon is in, where the Moon is in the zodiac, recommended colors of crystals to use, and any celestial events or holidays occurring each day.

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A Powerful Guide to 2023

We here are the Crystal Vaults are undying believers in the truth of "as above, so below". This is the wisdom of the ancients explaining that the Universal Life Force is shaped, focused, and amplified by the constant dance of the heavens.

We also have come to find the truth in the Yin and Yang - "as below, so above". This dictum teaches that the wisdom of the Earth Mother, also known as Gaia, augments and shapes the forms and functions of the Life Force.

It is only by understanding both the powerful life-giving Yang energy of the Universe and the Yin influences and shaping of it that we can truly know and understand the swirling, complex mysteries of the Life Force guiding and forming our daily reality.

The guide to a true understanding of these energies and influences is found in seeking the guidance of the ancient Oracle and the wisdom of Gaia. When the Oracle predicts the cosmic flows and Gaia explains their effects we have a powerful guide to a deep understanding of the current influences on our lives and spirits.

This guide is called the Almanac of Gaia. It brings the wisdom of the I Ching Oracle and the guidance of Gaia to us in an easy-to-understand and actionable format.

That easy-to-use format is unique in that it shows you exactly which crystals are favorable in a given week. Is it a week to boldly go adventuring or a week to pull the covers over your head? A week for finding new love, a new job, or one to just wait out the week? Is it a week for my Amethyst crystals to be supercharged or will I waste my time trying to work with them?

The Almanac is here for you to help you finally be in tune with the Cosmos. It is here to guide, instruct, and counsel.

It comes in two forms. We have an electronic version - the Almanac of Gaia eBook as well as a limited number of print editions.

If you would like to finally understand what the Universe is trying to tell you and you would like the motherly advice of the Earth Mother to guide you in the use of crystals to improve your life and spirit every day, the Almanac is here for you.

A Sneak Peek Inside

Want to see a sneak peek inside? Check out 10 various pages from this year's Almanac of Gaia to get a feel for what you'll receive.

What is the Almanac of Gaia?

What is it? It is your window into the future and your guide to using your crystals to get what you want and need. It is your "wise counselor" guru, and advisor in a simple-to-read, simple-to-understand, and simple-to-use daily guide to the swirling currents of Life in 2023.

In clear English, it shows you the dominant energy of a week and each day in that week. Is it a time to take risks or hunker down? Is today a day to start a new project? What healing crystals will help me today?

How does it do that you might ask? Good question. Using the ancient oracle of the I Ching and the 5000 years of Moon Astrology wisdom it charts the ebb and flow of the Universal Life Force through the coming year.

Without it, you will be lost. You will not know why some crystals are seemingly unusable and you may try to balance a chakra and be disappointed. Your clients for healing may be very dissatisfied. You may not have good dreams, your spirit may be restless and you may feel that things are just not right and you do not know how to fix them.

But with the Almanac you will be in control and confident. You will know how to meet the day and be a master of Crystal use and understand how the moon’s travels and phases are affecting them. You will know what Gaia, our Earth Mother is telling us too. The earth, too, is affecting our lives our spirits, and our crystals. We all know "as above, so below". But at times when astrological circumstances dictate we have to know that "as below, so above".

So now is the time to tune in to the future and gain the insights and wisdom you need to thrive in an uncertain 2023.

Check out important days in your life next year. What can you expect on your birthday or the birthday of family members? How about anniversaries and other important days? Use the Almanac to plan your year. This will give you the much-needed time to see what crystals you will want and learn how to use them in the best ways.

In the back of the book, you'll also find a Mansion of the Moon guide, a color guide for crystals, and a full breakdown of each week and what you should be focusing on.

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