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Welcome to the magical, beautiful, world of crystals. Whether you are a master healer, accomplished Lightworker, or just fascinated with crystals -- Greetings! The Crystal Vaults offers you a storehouse of beauty and knowledge. The Crystal Vaults is your definitive and (at least we think so,) finest source for crystals on the web. 

Are you awestruck by the crystalline perfection and pure rich colors of Nature's durable art? Do you seek to understand the power and energies of crystals and their abilities of crystals to improve your life?

Or maybe are you just looking for well described, clearly photographed and fairly priced crystals? Check out our Twitter feed and read on - we are here for you.

Visit us often at the Crystal Vaults. Learn the secrets of crystal power. Find the crystals that can enhance your well being, guard and guide you, and facilitate your journey to success and happiness.

We always have something new for you to see and learn.

Whether it's amulets, talismans, healing crystals, divination aids, meditation crystals, crystals to honor goddesses or angels, feng shui crystals or amazing pendants, earrings, or other natural crystal creations, you have come to the right place.

If you are looking for well-described, well-photographed crystals at fair prices, you have found what you are seeking.  If you are looking for some people that truly understand the power and energy of the crystal world, you have found us. 


Hank MasonHank Mason

I am Hank Mason, founder and chief author of the site. In addition to being a retired USAF rescue helicopter pilot, I am a GIA Graduate Gemologist. Graduate Gemologist is the most prestigious credential in the industry; the GIA Graduate Gemologist program gives a person a comprehensive knowledge of gems and stones and is an internationally recognized certification.

We are dedicated gem, mineral, and crystal researchers, students, and practitioners.  Here at the Crystal Vaults, you will find only authentic, natural crystals.  If the crystal is enhanced in any way, we will disclose it so you are aware of exactly what you are buying. 

GIA cert

My book, The Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans, offers you the results of that research.  In it you can quickly find how crystals can benefit you and your life.  The Universal Life Force is strong in the crystals of this world.We have spent years in research to understand the power and energy of the crystal world to assure that the information here was the best possible.  You can benefit from that research.  In fact we "wrote the book." We have actually written two books.

The second book, published in March, 2016 was written with Brittani Petrofsky. It is entitled "Crystal Grids, How to Combine and Focus Crystal Energies to Enhance Your Life.

We are certified Gemologists, so we can assure you receive exactly what you want.  We are true believers in the Universal Life Force and its manifestation in the crystals of this Earth.  We assure you that the crystals here have the power and energy as described. 

We thank you for your patronage.  Enjoy the site, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions.  We will answer.  A quick note to will get you an even quicker reply. 




Let me introduce our team.....


Jessica Bilyeu (Sitarik)

Jessica, also goes by Jessie, is the Chief Operating Officer here at Crystal Vaults. She has grown up with Crystal Vaults and has shaped it in many ways. Jessie oversees the daily business operations and assists with all departments of the business.


Mary Louk

Mary leads our Customer Support Team, mentors our Shipping department, and manages our office space. She built our shipping department from the ground up and became an expert in domestic and international shipping. Jonathon Sitarik now runs the department with Mary’s mentoring. Mary’s focus is to work all customers’ issues and needs. She ensures customer satisfaction with all purchases and returns.


Katrina Farmer

Katrina Farmer is our sole Inventory Processor. She works the inventory, weighing, measuring, photographing, and describing all the wonderful crystals. She has listed thousands of products on our site, capturing the colors and crystal details as accurately as possible.

Katrina also owns ‘Katrina’s Crystal Creations’. She makes her own crystal elixirs and essences, wire wrapped crystal pendants and keychains, and more. You can find all her items on our site.


Jonathon Sitarik – Matthew Smith – Jackson Smith

Jonathon is our Shipping Department Supervisor. He will assure your package is shipped the best possible way, so you receive everything on time, and in perfect condition with assistance from Matthew and Jackson. We refer this awesome trio as ‘The boys’. Their working system allows them to get hundreds of orders shipped daily. It’s important to them that all orders are done correctly, and customers are happy with the crystals they receive.


Kat Ohren

Kat Ohren is one of our designers/writers/authors/webmasters. She is the author of the Crystal Reference Guide and she illustrated our Crystal Medicine wheel Guide. All our newsletters are written and designed by Kat. She makes our pages “sing”.




From all of us,

Thanks for visiting; we encourage your comments. Keep up to date with us on Facebook & Instagram too!


Hank, Jessica, Mary, Katrina, Jonny, Matt, Jackson, and Kat