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Hunter's Moon Charged Red Jasper Pair and Elixir Set

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Hunter's Moon Charged Red Jasper Pair and Elixir Set


Number Available: 56


Description: This is a powerful encoded Red Jasper pair which, when activated, brings the Universal Life Energy to focus on energy and action into your aura such that it is more fully manifested in your life at the time of activation. These Red Jasper stones will be attuned during the Full Hunter's Moon of October 13th. You will receive two of these special stones and an elixir made during the Hunter's Moon. These are also perfect for pairing with your other crystals during meditation to enhance energy and take action in any aspect of our life. 

The encoding of crystals with specific energies has a long history in Shamanism, Lemurian Therapy, Lightwork, and Crystal Healing traditions. The techniques and modalities of natural healing are constantly improving, and the use of specific crystal encoding is an exciting development. You may be a Reiki healer or attuned in the Pleiadian, Avalonian, Lemurian, Atlantean or other spiritual or crystal healing methods. If so, this will be very familiar to you. If this is new, you are in for quite an awakening experience.

The Hunter’s Moon “Energy of Success” Encoded Red Jasper has been attuned to Energy of Success using the two Master Crystals, Eej and Surya on the powerful red Celtic Knot Activation Grid. The encoding is a very powerful tool of the spirit that, while similar to other modes such as Reiki attunement, differs in several aspects.

Normal Reiki attunements are done by a Master who channels energy in some manner. We are Crystal Masters and Crystal Reiki Masters. We are the Founding Masters of the Circle Balance School of Crystal Reiki. The School is one where the concept of balancing Yin and Yang Reiki Energy is employed by the Masters using two of the world’s known Master Crystals:

Eej, (Mongolian Earth Mother) is a natural Generator crystal with a core of amethyst, surrounded by clear quartz then an exterior of the most amazing elestiated gem-like scintillating green quartz ever seen. Elestials bring the most Yin power of all quartz crystals. They are the matriarch stone, the Queen Stone, and the symbol of feminine dominion, and Surya (Tibetan for Sun) a strongly Yang Crystal of perfect transparency and the glyphs of the Mountain.

The Hunter’s Moon Energy of Success encoding is accomplished in a similar way to a normal Reiki attunement with the additional elements of the master crystals and the attunement grid.

During the imprinting process the encoding the energy is channeled through the Master Crystals and the paths of the grid into the specific crystal from the Hunter’s Moon. A Crystal Grid Master sets up the grid and activates it, but the energy flows through the grid, not the master.

Red Jaspers have been revered by ancient peoples and civilizations throughout the world as sacred and powerful stones of protection, for both the physical and spiritual realm. They were known as stones of courage and wisdom. Historically, Red Jasper was known as a stone of vibrancy and endurance, a talisman of warriors and hunters and a protective stone during times of strife. It staunched the blood of wounds and stirred the pulse. According to Viking and Germanic legend, the hilt of the magical sword of Siegfried, the dragon slayer, was inlaid with Red Jasper to bring him courage. It is the perfect stone for the Hunter’s Moon Energy of Success attunement.

The encoding is permanent but coded to an activation phrase. The effects are similar to “energy drinks.” It takes a few minutes to fully engage, and the effects can last from a few minutes to several hours depending on the situation and the person involved. When you activate the Encoded Red Jasper, you begin a process of exuding a feeling of heightened perception, insight, and illumination that colors your aura and personal energy field attuning it to the frequencies of high awareness. This current of energy in your field attracts the element of success in the hunt from the universal forces. Over time, the more ingrained the energy of the Hunters’ Moon attuned Red Jasper becomes in your aura, the more you will find your success grows in your effort to find the success you seek. The Red Jaspers are programmed to respond to a simple act and phrase. To activate, hold it in your bare hand, and simply say “I call for hunting success now.”

The effects will be fairly rapid, as it occurs at a quantum energy level. Within a few minutes you should notice your auric field start to change, and your attitude with it. You will be much more aware of what is going on around you, you will be much more in tune with the opportunities that are nearby.

Like energy drinks, more use is not better. Selective use is the key. The energy brightens your aura and makes you much more aware of the potentials around you. The effect seems to last for a few hours but varies with individuals and the situation.

Size: The tumbled stones are medium sized, Elixir is 1 oz.


How To Use This Crystal

Talismans or Amulet
  •  This elixir and Red Jasper pair will help you have more energy and take action in any aspect of your life necessary. These are charged with the Hunter's Moon's energy.

  • The Hunter's Moon on the night of October 13th is a powerful moon.  

  • You will find that you have more energy and the determination to take action to progress in any aspect of your life you need. 

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