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Violet Crystals Bring You Intuition, Magic, Dreams, and Imagination



Violet crystals bring you IntuitionShop Violet Crystals

At the onset of the darkness of winter, the oranges and reds of autumn give way to the deeper winter tones of violet and blue. The skies are darker with less sunshine; the earth takes on the darker hue of winter’s majesty.

Violet is the color of natural birthstones of those born at the time when the year is new, just after the winter solstice (December 21–January 19).

Like the sleepy, misty time of year that produces its rays, violet is the color ray of intuition, dreams, nobility, and luxury. As the color ray of influence that begins the cycle of life once again, violet is one of the most powerful rays in nature.

chakraIt inspires awe, and invites a feeling of mystery and magic, reminiscent of the mystery and magic of life’s rejuvenation and renewal.

Violet color rays are powerful aids in interpreting our dreams, inspiring us to great deeds and accomplishments, and putting the magic back in our lives and relationships.

Violet is the color of music; it stirs us, transforms us, and connects us in seemingly mysterious ways to our dreams, our past, and ourselves.



Need Crystal Color
Follow your heart Violet Crystal
Inspiration Violet Crystal
Intuition Violet Crystal
Music Violet Crystal


EnergyDark violet crystals have special powers. They are the “dream crystals.” They are the windows to the soul and the world beyond our ordinary understanding. They are best for aiding us in interpreting our dreams, and are the entries to places in our minds we don’t know exist.

They are the legendary third eye that gives us the “sight of insight.” Used well, a deep violet crystal can help us see the new visions of reality that we seek.

A faceted, translucent, vibrant dark violet crystal is magic on a higher plane. Dark violet is the true color ray of good luck. Luck is a dream manifested. Dark violet is the color ray that connects dreams and reality.

There are Seeker and Enhancer crystals such as amethyst, taaffeite, and halite that contain this powerful ray.


Need Crystal Color
Answers to Mysteries Dark Violet Crystal
Mystical Beings Dark Violet Crystal
Soothe Nightmares DarkViolet Crystal
Crystal Magic Dark Violet Crystal


>p> Crystals that are lavender, the lighter shade of violet, contain the rays that aid us in the wisdom of self that violet provides, but they are more focused on our feelings and understanding our hidden yearnings.

These are the crystals of the free, unfettered intellect and the unfettered heart. Use these beautiful crystals to fulfill your dreams that involve heartfelt desires for love and affection.

Use them to gain the knowledge you need to live with grace and style.

Need Crystal Color
Imagination Lavender Crystal
Elegance Lavender Crystal
Ingeniousness Lavender Crystal
Luxury Lavender Crystal


For more information on the power of violet crystals read The Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans.

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