Tumbled Stones

tumbled stones

Here at the Crystal Vaults, we sell tumbled stones individually and in sets. Some of the metaphysical uses of each stone are clearly explained in its listing. The Crystal Metaphysical Encyclopedia has much more detail.

For healing, meditation, shamanic journeys, amulets of protections or talismans for bringing joy, success, enlightenment, trust, or other desirable elements into your life, these tumbled stones are absolutely the best available anywhere. The metaphysical uses of these stones are quite extensive. You will find suggestions in every listing.

Now before I get started, just a note. You may have read differently, but let me assure you, polishing a stone, crystal or rock does NOT affect its metaphysical properties. In fact since the polishing process enhances the surface area it can often improve the Color Ray of Influence enhancing the energy transfer from the stone to our consciousness.

So, lets explore the tumbled stones here at the Crystal Vaults, and answer some questions.

OK, here’s a question…You said you sell tumbled stones individually and in sets. Why?

Most of our stones are in sets of six. Our reason is simple. Many of the  crystal grids are based on the Flower of Life which has six petals. So grid builders often need sets of six stones. We try to provide these easily and economically.


Another question… what do you mean, hand selected?

Every stone is hand selected. We do purchase lots of stones, but some are physically damaged, and some seem to be spiritually lacking, with dull, or defective energy auras. These stones are set aside as gifts for children.

Do your tumbled stones, like crystals need to be cleaned, spiritually cleansed, awakened, focused and charged?

Short answer: Yes. Like crystals the stones need to by physical cleaned. We do this step for you. They also need to be spiritually cleansed. When we ship a polished stone it does not contain any negative energy. However in transit it is possible for it to come near other commodities in the mail that may transmit such energies.

crystal cleaning guideWe highly encourage our customers to properly cleanse their polished stones. Our ebook, Preparing Crystals provides detailed instructions and illustrations of the 15 ways to use the Air, Water, Earth, and Fire elements to spiritually cleanse a crystal or stone.

So what uses are there for tumbled stones?


Polished stones are used pretty much for the same purposes as most crystals. They are used in crystal healing, as meditation stones, for feng shui, and for amulets of protection and for talismans. They are also used in calling on the devine feminine in her guises as as Goddess.

While many crystals can be somewhat fragile, most all tumbled stones are tough, and transportable. They are easily portable, durable, long lasting, and inexpensive compared to most crystals.

So what is an “Aura Stone?”

An aura stone is a tumbled, polished, usually somewhat larger stone that is specifically used in healing layouts to align and repair out of balance energy flows that affect the aura.

So, we encourage you to use and benefit from the energies of these stones. You will be happy you did.




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