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The Crystal Secrets of Prehnite

Crystal secrets is a new mini-series we're offering here at Crystal Vaults. We will discuss one uncommon crystal in each post. This could be a rare crystal that is hard to come by or simply just a crystal that not many people know about. Today in our first series post, we will be discussing the crystal secrets of Prehnite. This olive green crystal is considered to be rare and uncommon. Completely transparent Prehnite is extremely rare and the most valuable.

Prehnite can be a bit brittle and fracture unevenly. It can form with a glass-like or pearly appearance. It most often appears in olive, light green, and yellow though it has been found in white, blue, pink, clear, and most recently, orange.

This crystal was first described in 1788 around Cradock in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. It was named after Colonel Hendrik Von Prehn who was the commander of the Dutch military at the Cape of Good Hope in the late 1700s.

Prehnite Healing Properties


Prehnite crystals can help focus and enhance efforts of finding wisdom when it is sought. It can help light the path to understanding. This crystal is an excellent tool to help you at the beginning of a search for knowledge and enlightenment. It is a stone to aid the apprentice, the student, and the assistant.

Prehnite is considered to be a stone of unconditional love and healing. It can enhance precognition and inner knowledge. It enables us to look ahead and always be prepared for life’s unpredictable turns. This crystal calms the environment and brings peace and protection. It can teach us how to be in harmony with nature and the elemental forces.

It is useful in allowing us to declutter. This includes letting go of possessions that are no longer needed and can help those who tend to hoard. It alleviates nightmares and phobias and uncovers the reasons behind them. This allows us to examine these fears and negativity and find a way to combat them. It is a stone for dreaming and remembering.


The Secrets of Prehnite


Prehnite holds a lot of secrets within it, especially when it comes to healing. One of its secrets is its efficiency as a heart healer. Prehnite is already good for the Heart Chakra. It can clear blockages and balance this Chakra with just a short meditation session. However, it also connects to the heart to emotional blockages. This is especially helpful if you don't exactly know what is troubling you. This crystal is excellent at giving you the knowledge and insight necessary to find out what is weighing on your heart. Once that is found, Prehnite is exceptional at clearing these issues out of the emotional body for good.

Since Prehnite is a stone of knowledge and wisdom, it is highly conducive to studying or absorbing knowledge in general. One unknown fact is that it can actually help you get over roadblocks when learning. It brings clarity and can help you organize facts in your head more thoroughly. Many crystal students like to wear Prehnite or keep a cluster nearby while studying.

Prehnite can also help your pet's focus...


Prehnite is not only helpful in getting humans to focus, but it can also work for your pets as well! We find this especially helpful with training pets such as dogs or mice. It increases their focus on the task at hand, decreasing distraction from outside stimuli or boredom. There are two methods you can use to achieve this. The first is by setting up some Prehnite crystals (some small tumbled ones or a medium to large cluster) around the training area. The second is to create a Prehnite essence for your pet to drink.

Creating a Prehnite Crystal Essence


To create an essence for your pet, you will need 4-6 tumbled Prehnite stones and a one-gallon jug of water. The next step is personal preference, so, choose which works best for you. While tumbled Prehnite should be safe in water (raw Prehnite could leak aluminum), the indirect method for making this essence is best. The most popular way to do this would be pouring the water into a bowl or large pitcher, placing the crystals in a small bowl to float on top, and then covering the top with saran wrap. Personally, I drink about one glass from the jug to make some room. Then I put my crystals inside a small ziplock back or a tightly knotted sandwich bag and put them inside the jug and put the cap back on.

Whichever method you choose, the water should then go outside under the direct sunlight or moonlight for 2-3 hours. After that time, gather your water and remove the crystals. Then place the water inside of your fridge (optional) to keep it cool for your pet. Offer your pet some in a bowl before training. You can also add some into your pet's regular water 3 times a week or more for regular focus, clarity, and happiness.

Meditation with Prehnite


Meditating with this gorgeous healing stone is easy and rewarding. Find yourself a safe, quiet space where you will be able to focus on your Prehnite crystals. Allow yourself to melt into the atmosphere by taking a few deep, fulfilling breaths. Holding each breath for a few seconds, slowly release. Repeat a positive affirmation of your choice. Preferably one that makes you feel empowered. Let your shoulders rest, and make sure your jaw isn’t holding any tension. Envision your obstacles completely defeated. You can also try the guided meditation above which can help you connect to your spirit guides.

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