Epidote Crystal (Small)


Description: Epidote. Epidote is characterized by its green color, though it can vary in shades from pistachio green to dark green or nearly black. Its crystal structure is monoclinic, and it often occurs in prismatic or columnar crystals, but can also be found in granular or fibrous forms. The green color of Epidote is caused by the presence of iron.

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Source: Peru

Size: Crystals range in size from 1/4 – 1 inch in length. Weight is approximately 10 – 20 grams.

Primary Uses: Epidote is thought to carry positive and uplifting energy. It is often associated with transformation and personal growth, helping individuals overcome challenges and bring positive changes into their lives. It is believed that Epidote can help in manifesting one’s goals and desires. It is said to attract abundance and prosperity into one’s life. Epidote is believed to stimulate and enhance one’s perception and intuition. It may be used to help develop a deeper connection with one’s inner self and spiritual guidance.

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  • Guardian UnifierEpidote is a Guardian Unifier Crystal. In the physical world, it is an excellent aids in protecting your loved ones, your possessions, and your physical security. It is very useful in protecting houses and homes, property, and valuables. If you have prized possessions you want to guard and protect, use a Guardian crystal. Epidote is also useful for travelers and adventures to take with them on their travels as insurance against harm. They are useful for emergency workers, soldiers, sailors, and airmen in the performance of their dangerous duties.In the spiritual world, the Guardian crystals have several special uses. They first serve to guard your beliefs against doubt. Everyone at some point begins to doubt some of his or her most cherished beliefs. That doubt can grow and affect our lives. A Guardian crystal can help you keep true to your ideals and beliefs. The Guardian crystals can also protect your spirits. If you anticipate a trying and difficult, even stressful future, a Guardian can be very effective in aiding your efforts to maintain your disposition, sense of humor, and respect for others..
  • With its dark green color, Epidote is a natural birthstone of those fortunate enough to be born in the heart of spring (April 20–May 20).
  • This epidote with its Green Color Ray of Influence is associated with the Fourth Chakra, the Heart Chakra.It is used in emotional healing when someone needs to recover from emotional trauma, become more aware of the needs of his or her heart, and in efforts to improve one’s ability to express love.
  • Epidote brings wood elemental energy and is associated with the East, Family, Ancestors, and Community. Use this mineral in the East area of a room or home if you want to keep Qui, the Universal Life Force flowing properly there.The crystal’s green rays will enhance energy flow in the area aiding your efforts that are devoted to enhancing family and community. This particular crystal will assure the proper flow of love and affection within a room or home.
  • Historically, Epidote is said to bring Fertility, Strength, and Stamina. It is also a stone of increase and excess. It is said to soothe the emotions of one who wears it. Epidote is reported to quiet fears, increase mental toughness, and aid one in being bold when times require it.