Unifier Crystals – The Class VIII-2 Group Silicates

Crystals that bring people and families together

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unifier symbolCalled the group silicates in scientific terms, the Unifiers contain silicate molecules bound in pairs or small groups. Unifiers like tanzanite and zoisite are the most common of these minerals with crystal uses. The basic elemental forces of pairing make these particularly valuable crystals for focusing energy on relationships either between two people or within a family.

If you have a strong relationship you want to ensure continues to succeed in fulfilling your life, a tanzanite or other Unifier is an excellent source of the energy you will need to focus. It will also amplify your efforts to bond with the other person.

Easter dinner Uses for Unifier crystals are focused on relationships with a single person or within a family. Efforts to keep unity within a partnership or family group can always use a bit of help. Unifiers are the right crystals to aid us in keeping people together and happy.

Unifiers are also great crystals for community group efforts. If you are the leader of a small group and seek to ensure it works well together, accomplishes its goals, and continues to be effective, a Unifier will be a big help to you.

Unifiers are very useful for efforts that require instilling allegiance or loyalty. Political efforts particularly benefit from using a Unifier.

The Unifiers are fairly uncommon and rare, but worth seeking out. Vesuvianite and pumpellyite are not too rare, and should be carefully considered for crystals in which the need is for unity of a small group or family.


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