Libra Aromatherapy Pendant

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Description: Unique Libra Aromatherapy Pendant. This pendant is an excellent way to wear your favorite healing essential oils throughout the day. An effective way to diffuse your essential oils on the go! This pendant is made of stainless steel and comes with ten pads. 

Throughout history, essential oils have been known to create balance and happiness within one’s life. Essential oils contain many healing properties due to the plant they derived from and their scent. Not only do they heal emotionally, but physically as well.

This pendant opens up with a colored pad in which you place a few drops of your essential oil. You will receive the typical item shown. 

Size: 38 x 31 x 8 mm.  Weighs 20 grams.(1.5 x 1.2 x .3 inches. Wt: .7 ounces.)

Primary Uses: Stainless Steel is used to enhance the power of other crystals, augmenting them with its purity. Stainless Steel jewelry is worn to bring one the ability to think clearly and speak of clarity and effectiveness. It is used to honor the Moon Goddesses. As an Enhancer crystal, Stainless Steel is used with other crystals to enhance their effectiveness in spiritual healing.

This pendant is perfect for any Libra.  Check out our special Libra energy aromatherapy diffuser set to use with this pendant.  

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  • enhancer purifierStainless Steel is an Enhancer Purifier Crystal. It is a “building block” crystal. Stainless Steel’s internal structure of blocks builds up perfect crystal lattices that can help you focus your efforts to build on your successes and enhance your life. Stainless Steel, as a purifier, is one of the basic element class of crystals which are used for promoting honesty, building faith, working for peace, giving joy to others, supporting charity, becoming humble, achieving spiritual growth, building virtues such as patience and courage, and protecting innocence. The pure motives align with the pure elemental power of the Purifiers.

    Stainless Steel is used primarily for enhancing the spiritual elements of your life – working on building virtues, and keeping your motives pure.

  • Stainless Steel is used to honor the Moon Goddesses. They include Al-Uzza (aspect of Allat), Nabataean Moon Goddess of Full Moon and Mothers; and of course, Selene, the Greek Moon Goddess.

  • Stainless Steel is used to enhance the effects of other crystals in healing efforts. Either wear stainless steel while a healing session is being conducted, or keep your healing crystals near stainless steel between their use.

  • Stainless Steel is associated with the zodiac. It should be worn during the month of  your birth.

  • Stainless Steel has Metal energy. Use Stainless Steel to enhance any space that you use for concentration, gathering strength, or working with a group. Use Stainless Steel to bring the sharp power of concentration and diligence to areas of your home and life that are focused on assuring you are powerful in ways you need to be.

    Metal energy is traditionally associated with the northwest and west areas of a home or room. It is associated with the Helpful People and Blessings, and Travel area of your life and dwelling, and with the Creativity and Children area. Its energy of crystallization will solidify your efforts and determination.

  • Other practitioners report that Stainless Steel helps with eloquence and aids one in speaking one’s mind clearly. It promotes patience, perseverance, and clarity of thought. It is used to enhance the power of many other minerals.