Red Hummingbird Quartz Rough Crystal (Medium)


DESCRIPTION: NEW 2020 Find! This is a beautiful Red Hummingbird Quartz Crystal, also known as Cherry Tanzurine. This is a natural Quartz recently found in Africa. Red Hummingbird Quartz is a stone of vitality, confidence, creativity, and sexuality. You will receive the typical item shown.

SIZE: Medium, 1 1/2-2 inches in length. Sold individually.

USES: This stone makes you feel like you can handle the world. It helps you reach your highest purpose and live your ideals, deal with conflicts, and show if you’ve strayed from the highest path. This stone also makes sure you forgive yourself and make fun of your shortcomings.

Red Hummingbird Quartz is a stone of empowerment, bringing strength to resist emotional domination by others, and the courage to overcome domestic violence. It can re-activate a passion for living when one is feeling blue or unemotional, apathetic, or spiritually defunct, and is commonly used in creative energies. Read more in our Hummingbird Quartz Guide.

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Seeker transformerTalismans or Amulet: Red Hummingbird Quartz is a Seeker Transformer Crystal. Seeker Transformers are talismans used when the desire is to find a way to transform a part of one’s life to a more desirable state.  Seekers are used when we need some help to find a new path, a new approach, or in any quest to gain that which we desire but do not yet possess.  When they possess the Earth Power of the Transformer, like Quartz, they form crystals that are excellent for seeking new capabilities that will transform some part of our life.  Quartz crystals often grow large enough to allow for their unique shapes to also offer us useful specific energies and powers.

Red Hummingbird Quartz is specifically used to cure apathy and to help you get things done. This is an action crystal of strong energy that builds fearlessness, fosters action, and promotes our productivity. They will keep you on an exercise program, for they have the strong rays of physical energy and as Seeker crystals help you find what you are seeking. As transformers, they have the Earth energy to focus their efforts to change your life and environment.

Goddess: This Red Hummingbird Quartz is perfect for devotions to Ceridwen, the Welsh Mother, and Knowledge Goddess.

Healing: This crystal cluster with its Red Color Rays of Influence is associated with the First Chakra, the Base Chakra which is located at the base of the spine and radiating through the legs and feet. This is the grounding Chakra and deals with the health of the physical body. When it is out of balance you will feel flighty and physically adrift. This cluster can be used effectively in crystal healing when the Base Chakra is in need of realignment.

It is suggested that this crystal cluster be used in areas where you exercise or recover from your exercise.

Meditation: Red Hummingbird Quartz is used in meditation when you wish to escape from the mundane world on a “flight of fancy.”

Other Information: This powerful stone strengthens the prana flow or the life force, so you have more energy again.