Kunzite Crystal (Small)


DESCRIPTION:  Kunzite crystal. Kunzite is a beautiful crystal, pure in energy and joyful in nature. In palest pink to light violet hues, it is a Stone of Emotion, opening and connecting the heart to the mind and stimulating a healing communion between the two. Kunzite is the pink-to-violet variety of the silicate, Spodumene. It has glassy transparency and forms in flattened prismatic crystals with vertical striations.

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SIZE: Small, 1-1 1/2 inches in length.

USES: Kunzite opens the heart to the energies of love – love of self, of others, for humanity, plants, animals, the earth, and all it contains. By embracing all other types of love, one is open to receiving Divine Love and recognizing the essence of the Divine in us. This receptivity allows the love and gifts of the Divine to flow through one’s heart and life in infinite abundance. It helps one move through the day with kindness, gentleness, and serenity.

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  • Seeker transformerKunzite is a Guardian/Dreamholder Harmonizer Crystal. In the spiritual world, the Guardian crystals like Kunzite, in particular, have several special uses. They first serve to guard your beliefs against doubt. Everyone at some point begins to doubt some of his or her most cherished beliefs. That doubt can grow and affect our livesA Guardian crystal can help you keep true to your ideals and beliefs. The Guardian crystals can also protect your spirits. If you anticipate a trying and difficult, even stressful future, a Guardian can be very effecting in aiding your efforts to maintain your disposition, sense of humor, and respect for others.
  • Kunzite crystals are the natural birthstones of those born in mid-autumn (October 22–November 20).
  • Kunzite can be used to honor Aphrodite (Venus) Goddess of Love, Astarte, Phoenician Goddess of Fertility, Love and War; and Turan Etruscan Goddess of Love and Beauty
  • Kunzite is associated with the First Chakra, the Base Chakra which is located at the base of the spine and radiates through the legs and feet. This is the grounding Chakra and deals with the health of the physical body. When it is out of balance you will feel flighty and physically adrift. This cluster can be used effectively in crystal healing when the Base Chakra is in need of realignment.
  • With its fire energy, Kunzite is the color of richness and luxury in traditional Feng Shui. However, too much red leads to restlessness and overstimulation. Use scarlet and red with caution – they are best as an accent and accessory. Use red and scarlet crystals in rooms in which children play, and freely in rooms where energy levels are focused on activity. Dining rooms and kitchens benefit from red crystals. They allow the free flow of energy that is important in these areas. Avoid using red or scarlet crystals in the East, or Southeast of your home. The best areas are the North, Northeast and Southwest, and South.
  • Kunzite is traditionally associated with those born under the sign of SCORPIO (23 Oct – 21 Nov).
  • Kunzite a common meditation stone used by women. It helps in efforts to understand and foster loving relationships and to bring a gentle energy to one’s day.
  • In “The Encyclopedia of Crystals” Judy Hall tells that Kunzite is beneficial for combining intellect, intuition, and inspiration. She notes it is an extremely high vibration stone that imparts the ability to be self-contained, removes obstacles to your path, and helps you adjust to the pressures of life.In “The Book of Stones” Robert Simmons notes that Kunzite opens the heart to the energies of love. He also tells us that it is one of the best stones to give as a gift as it shares Divine Love. Naisha Ahsian in the same book tells us Kunzite teaches us the value of joy and celebration.In “The Crystal Lotus Handbook” Margherita notes that Kunzite is “the stone of emotional commitment” and that it helps connect thoughts to feelings.Melody in “Love is in the Earth” relates that Kunzite can remove obstacles from one’s path (agreeing with Judy Hall), aligns the heart chakra, stimulate intuition and creativity, and promotes maturity in thought and action.