Passion Crystal Grid Kit


Description: Passion Crystal Grid Kit. It was created by our Crystal Grid Masters and employs the use of both sacred geometry and crystals to achieve your desires.

Grid Design:  This Grid is built on the Celtic Trinity Knot design, which brings us eternity, unity, love, and commitment. Legend tells us it may be symbolic of the three domains of earth, sea, and sky. There is also a possible link to lunar and solar phases, as a number of Trinity knot symbols have been found alongside Celtic-era solar and lunar symbols. Today, the Trinity Knot is recognized as a Celtic symbol of love. The intertwined and unbroken lines of the trinity knot represent spiritual development, everlasting life, and unwavering love.

Focus Stone (F): Your Focus Stone is Clear Quartz, and it works to attract the Universal Life Force to the grid. Clear Quartz has the ability to gather the Universal Life Force and pass it uncolored to the paths of the grid. It will bring a pure light of desire.

If you have a Red Flame Carnelian, this can also be used as the Focus stone. This stone brings the Red Flame of Passion energy to the grid. If you don’t have one, you can purchase one here -> Click Here.

Spirit Stones (S): The Spirit Stones bring the blessings of the spirit world to the grid. You can use our suggestion to ask the Goddess of Passion and Love, Aphrodite, to bring passion to your grid or choose a spirit or angel to invoke. Your Spirit Stones are Amethyst, a stone of spiritual power and communication.

Way Stones (W): Your Way Stones are Blue Lace Agate, and their blue energy and Seeker matrices will shape the grid’s energy, adding trust and commitment energy to the flow of the Universal Life Force in the grid.

Desire Stones (D): Your Desire Stones are Red Aventurine, and they will further amplify and focus the Universal Life Force of Passion and transmit it from the grid to your spirit. You seek passion, the very nature of the scarlet-colored Red Aventurine crystals.

Size: The grid is 8″ x 10″ inches, and the crystal sizes vary, but you can expect crystals similar to the ones in the photo.

What’s Included: This is a complete grid kit. It includes an 8″ x 10″ grid, complete assembly and uses instructions, and all the main crystals needed.

Primary Uses: The Passion Grid is used to manifest your desires into the new year. Your crystal grid should be set up in January or February for optimal results. Once the main grid is completed and the manifestation stone is added, the grid design along with the crystals work together to manifest your desires into reality.

The energy from the crystal in the manifestation circle is pulled down into the sacred geometry of the Celtic Trinity Knot and passed through the other crystals. This also occurs in reverse, with the energy moving out from the Clear Quartz in the center.

This creates a sort of synergy that is very powerful. Build this grid and keep it nearby to help achieve your goals and desires.

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This grid kit is easy to set up, easy to use, and we are very confident you will love it as much as we do. The grid, once assembled, can be placed anywhere you would like but we suggest that you choose a spot you will visit often. You can keep it assembled where you work, spend time, or even where you sleep. You can keep it assembled at all times if you really need the energy of that particular grid. From time to time, you should charge your crystals under the sun and/or the moon. If you can, place your crystals out overnight to gather some of the moonlight as well as some of the early morning sunrise, and then reassemble your grid.