Great Aquarius Stellium Grid


Description: Great Aquarius Stellium Grid. The Great Aquarius Stellium occurred in February 2021. A stellium is a cluster of three or more planets in a single zodiac sign. It indicates a strong concentration of energy in one particular area of the sky. This stellium occurred in Aquarius and involved the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pallas. This event is the first time that we’ve seen this many planets together in Aquarius since 1962. This rare alignment brings innovative changes, out-of-the-box ideas, and revolutionary energy. The stones in this crystal kit have been attuned to the new moon during this rare cosmic event, February 11th, 2021. You’ll find the energy to be like a breath of fresh air.

This is a limited edition grid that will not be restocked. Get yours while supplies last!

Stone Placement:

Focus (center) – Clear Quartz

Sun – Carnelian

Moon – Agate

Venus – Rose Quartz

Jupiter – Amethyst

Saturn – Lapis Lazuli

Mercury – Chrysoprase

Pallas – Bloodstone

Size: The grid is 8.5 x 11 inches. Stones range from 1/2 – 1 inch.

Assembly: The first Sunday morning of each morning, set up this grid in a prominent place in your home. As you do, state your intention that it begin to focus the Universal Life Force of peace and love.

Now place Carnelian on the top of the star at the location marked Sun. Focus your thoughts on the grid building up the energy from the Sun today.

On Monday morning, add Chrysoprase to the location of Mercury and again focus your thoughts on building the cosmic energy on the grid.

Continue each day placing one stone moving clockwise around the grid. You will place the final stone, Bloodstone, on the Pallas location.

Your grid is now ready for activation. Saturday evening place the Focus Stone in the center of the grid. As you do state your intention that the grid now gather the Universal Life Force of Love and Peace and share it with all that pass by the grid.

Leave the grid set up for 7 days and then disassemble it. Cleanse all the stones and put it away for at least 7 days.

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