7 Rays of Life Crystal Charging Grid


DESCRIPTION:  New 7 Rays of Life Crystal Charging Grid. It is specifically designed to quickly charge your crystals with all the elements of positive energy from the Universe. It is laminated to protect it, comes with the charging stones, and complete instructions. We recommend using this grid along with our 7 Rays Crystal Grid Activation Spray.

In preparing and using crystals, you may well know that once they are cleansed of negative energy in whatever manner you use, the next step is to recharge them.  Now you can do that effectively with the Seven Rays Crystal Charging Grid. The crystals to be charged are placed in the center of the grid.  The Seven Ray stones are positioned around the circle. An 8th stone is added for the purity of the combined ray of white light.  The grid is placed in the sun to focus the seven rays through the charging stones and grid to the crystals being charged. 

The Seven Rays are the emanations of the seven Spirits at the throne of the Creator.  They constitute all that is life and spirit in the Universe.  In many ways they are the seven elements of the Universal Life Force or Chi, or Prana.  A ray is a name for a type of energy The seven rays called by a color name and bring the essential elements of the Universal Life Force to the energy of the crystals being charged. 

This grid includes 7 charging stones, one for each color. The stone type and size will vary. The photo is typical. 

SIZE:  The grid is 8.5 x 11 inches.  

Assembly: To charge a crystal place one stone of the color of the ray in each of the small circles to bring that color energy power to the grid.  Place the crystal to be charged in the center of the grid.  You can place more than one if desired. 

Place the grid in a sunny window or outside, in the shade or sun.  Extended use in bright sunlight n may cause the grid colors to fade.  It works as well in the shade.   

Leave the grid set up for several hours.  You cannot overcharge a crystal so to make life easy just leave it for a day. 

When not in use, simply place the grid in a safe place and put the charging stones in a small bag so you do not lose them.

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This is a complete grid set. It includes a 8.5″ x 11″ grid, complete instructions for assembly and use, does not come with focus stone.