Crystal Grid Master Course Companion Kit #1


Description: Crystal Grid Master Course Kit 1 –  Set of five 5 x 7 grids .  

This is companion set  number 1 to the Crystal Grid Master Course. It is complete with six sets of stones and a single focus stones and a basic instruction guide for assembly of each grid.  

This kit allows for the construction of 5 grids that are taught in the Crystal Grid Master Course.  Be advised you can make one grid at a time as the stones are reused on the different grids.  The kit is very flexible in that you can use the stones with your own backgrounds and make many other grids.  

The kit consists of 

A:  Six packets of 6 tumbled stones and one clear quartz point.  Covid-19 Note:  The supply of bloodstone has been interrupted and we have substituted Moss Agate for the Bloodstoone, bringing the Green Ray of Infuence to the grids that call for it.  

B:  Five backgrounds:  Simplify Life, Good Health,  Physical Endurance, Overcome Impatience, and  Avoid Anger 

E:  An instruction sheet

Grid 1:  Triangle – Simplify Life

Focus Stone:  Clear Quartz Point

Way Stones: Sodalite (use the blue color ray for establishing order

Desire Stones: Bloodstone – A Seeker crystal to seek a simpler life

Grid 2  Square – Good Health

Focus Stone:  Clear Quartz Point

Way Stones:  Prehnite – A Dispeller crystal to dispel laziness

Desire Stones:  Serpentine – A Guardian crystal to guard our good health

Grid 3 Pentagram,  Increase Physical Endurance

Focus Stone:  Clear Quartz Point

Way Stone: Petrified Wood, brown ray of rest

Desire Stones: Sodalite – An Enhancer – to enhance endurance

Grid 4  Hexagram, Stop Being Impatient

Focus Stone: Clear Quartz Point

Way Stones: Dark blue Sodalite for color energy of Grace

Desire Stones: -Prehnite – a Dispeller crystal to dispel impatience

Grid 5 Crescent, Keep Anger At Bay

Focus Stone:  Clear Quartz Point

Way Stones: Bloodstone – Green ray for tolerance

Desire Stones:  Labradorite – a Barrier against anger. 

Each grid is 5 X 7 inches  

This kit makes five grids (one at at time) and is compact and easily stored.  Use it to make the grids in the course, and other grids you might design.

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This kit is designed to accompany the Crystal Grid Master Course.   It makes the first five grids taught in the course.  The kit also works as the basis of a larger grid kit by adding your own backgrounds and additional stones and crystals.