Jupiter Rising — Manifest your Dreams Ceremony


Description: This is an exclusive Ceremony of Manifestation — the 70-Year Magician’s Wheel that can make dreams come true! A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to manifest your dream.

That which you wish to manifest in your life can come true with the energy of Jupiter that will be called in the once-in-a-lifetime ceremony. The incredible influence and power of Jupiter can be focused directly on your needs. Join us, and we will use the power of this ceremony to begin your journey to what you desire.  

You must order before noon Monday, September 26th.  The offer closes at that time.  

When: The ceremony will take place at 2000 hrs Universal Time (3 PM Eastern Time) on Monday, September 26th.

As the Picatrix tells us, the movement of the planets and stars brings the most advantageous times for making talismans, symbols of luck and love, and conducting rituals and ceremonies for our desires.  

One such rare and advantageous time will occur this month and not again for 70 years. Jupiter will pass as close to Earth as it ever will. 

Jupiter rests in the center of the orbital line of planets, with four planets preceding it (from the sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars) and four planets extending past it (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto). This position of balance makes the energy of Jupiter ideal for justice, manifestation, and perfect order. 

Jupiter is a giant, bright planet that radiates more energy than it receives from the Sun. Jupiter caters to abundance, affluence, and comfort. It is vast and expansive and can protect both mankind from potential threats to its existence and provide for the abundance and affluence of that life.

When Jupiter, the planet of manifestation and abundance, is closest to the Earth, its influence and energies will be as bright as they will be for 70 years, our Crystal Masters Mason and Hatzl will conduct the Level 14 Magician’s Wheel Ceremony of Manifestation.  

This ceremony draws on ancient teachings and uses the four elemental energies of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. It also summons the Spirits of the Planets for balance and augmentation. It draws on the Herbal and Crystal Energies associated with Jupiter and the Spirits of that Planet to seek the manifestation of petitions.  

This ceremony is one of optimism, hope, desires fulfilled, and the manifesting of real benefits and change in one’s life. It is specifically tailored for each person’s desires as the benevolent currents of the Cosmic Winds are mixed with the balanced energies of the four elements of life at a time of the celestial alignment of maximum benefit from Jupiter.

That which you wish to manifest in your life can be included in this ceremony. The incredible influence and power of Jupiter can be focused directly on your needs.   Join us, and we will use the power of this ceremony to begin your journey to what you desire.  The opportunity is fleeting and will not be available again in most of our lifetimes.  

The ceremony is quite long and involved, and we have to limit the number of petitions we can accommodate to ensure each participant’s needs to be manifested are properly presented and incorporated into the ceremony. We must limit the petitions to only 100 to allow for each to be properly integrated into the ceremony. Each must be given careful consideration and honor.  

To participate and have your fondest dreams and desires have a real chance to be manifested in your life, be sure to sign up early before all the slots are taken. 

Jupiter, numerology teaches rules the number three.  So we believe your desires to be manifested can be in three parts. For example, if you seek happiness, you might ask, “I seek to manifest happiness for myself, my family, and my village.”  Give some real thought to what you truly want. You have a choice in this. You can provide your petition when you order. Or you can choose to keep it private. If you do, we will specifically ask the Universal Source of Love to grant your petition, which is closed to us but open to the Universal Spirit.  

You can order more than one for now, but we do reserve the right to limit individual orders if the opportunity fills too quickly to allow multiple petitions from one person.  

You can order for yourself or a loved one as a gift. Say you have a child getting married or they are leaving home for the first time to experience college or life, you can wish them the best of luck with their endeavors with this Manifestation Ceremony.

Nothing is shipped. There are no postage charges. You will receive an email with images of the ceremony and a personal note from one of the Crystal Masters attesting to the fact that your specific petition for manifesting was addressed formally and entirely in the ceremony. 

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