The Secret Garden

secret garden entrance cic crystal inner circle

Welcome To the Secret Garden. This is an exclusive shopping experience for all our Crystal Inner Circle members. You have been transported to the Secret Garden which is now located in a hidden space inside of Crystal Vaults. Here you can easily purchase exclusive Secret Garden items without having to jump back and forth from here to the Crystal Inner Circle.

The Secret Garden is comprised of five unique and fabulous shoppes. The Plaza is also available for you now with a number of rotating kiosks. We've searched the world to find both unusual and useful crystal related products and services for you. Enjoy!

Are you looking for something specific you don't see here? Send us a message and let us know.

Zephyrs celebrates the wonders of air and aromatherapy. Here you'll find room sprays, unique candles, incense, aromatherapy supplies, and more!

Wonderstones offers the most amazing crystal bargains. Here you'll find crystals of all shapes and sizes for prices you have to see to believe!

The Star Grotto is your destination for crystal divination, tarot, and astrology products, readings, and services - unique wonders await.

The Emerald Leaf is your herbalist, your tea master, and generally an all-around crystal plant energy source. Find top-quality tea and herbs inside.

The power of crystal grids are undeniable. In the Path, you'll find unique, powerful grids not available anywhere else on the planet.

Even more to see... Come see our kiosks in the Plaza! Cauldrons for witches, Curiosities for the unusual, The Book Nook for wonderful reads, and more!