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Mediation with Samadhi Quartz increases positive emotions, increases life satisfaction, boosts your immune system, decreases pain and inflammation.
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Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh, India

The blush-pink crystals of Himalayan Samadhi Quartz convey an elegance and grace that may simply rival all crystals before them. Their resonance of purity and innocence evokes a sense of sparkling newness, as if they were freshly born of Mother Earth and offered to the universe for blessing. These unique wonders are crystals of Radiant Love. They are charismatic and warm, with a palpable energy of joy that invites the heart to open freely, completely, and in full trust.

Samadhi Quartz is found in the sacred Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh, India, a lush area tucked between the Lower and Great Himalayan Range. Once known as Kulanthapitha, or “End of the Habitable World,” it is now referred to as the “Valley of the Gods.”


 Use Samadhi Quartz clusters in the home, meditation areas or any environment to create a blissful, unhurried peace. Their energy provides a calm, soothing ambiance, and can open one’s receptivity to the beauty of art, music and the written word. They are great for enlivening the imagination, and the unfolding of one’s interests and personal talents.

In the workplace Samadhi Quartz softens the stress of a hectic pace and brings a sense of calm contentment to the emotional body. It is a happy stone, inspiring an awareness of all work as honorable, and imparts the message that what one is doing at the present moment is exactly where one should be at this time and place in the universe. Keep on the desk or in meeting rooms to extend that clarity of purpose, and to draw others together in cooperation.

For even more information see the Samadhi Quartz entry in our Crystal Metaphysical Encyclopedia.



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