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What are QBCs?

Quantum Balance Crystals (QBCs) are skillfully hand crafted with love in the mountains of Eastern USA. Each QBC has hundreds of thousands of nano-scale quartz crystals that are invisible to the naked eye, and larger decorative but highly energetic crystals, embedded in a high-grade natural resin. These pendants quite simply will counteract the chaotic electromagnetic spectrum that is bombarding your body and bring your body back into color and energy balance.

The dyes are plant based and the color energy positively influences the balancing of the body’s energy centers, or chakras.

green qbc pendantThe entire crystal is infused with beneficial and specific frequencies, which optimize the health and vital energy of all living beings including plants and animals.

One of the frequencies infused is the acclaimed frequency of Love resonating at 528 Hz, along with other ancient Solfeggio Tones commonly used in healing and meditation practices.

Exponential Transformational Centering

People who wear a QBC experience a process called Exponential Transformational Centering (ETC) that is characterized by an amazing feeling of calmness and being grounded.

Some of the many benefits of ETC that have been reported are improved balance, performance, strength, endurance, focus, clarity, better sleep, vitality, and an increased overall sense of well-being.

When worn consistently, the wearer effortlessly enjoys an expansion and stabilization of these benefits.


QBC’s Effect on Electromagnetic Frequencies

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) emitted by electronics and electrical systems are chaotic in comparison to naturally occurring EMFs. The disorganized EMFs distort organic energy and weaken all living matter. QBCs restructure and harmonize negative EMFs into coherent waves that easily attune with our energy field.

In the human body, energy naturally flows in the same direction of all living matter. Excessive amounts of EMFs reverse this flow to the opposite direction. The result of this shift puts stress on all living organisms and interferes with the body’s ability to function, stay centered and calm.

OBCs shift this energy to an organized and structured form, restoring balance and strength in the body.

The human body’s electrical system strives to resonate with Earth’s vibration of 7.83 Hz, a frequency named the Schumann Resonance.. However in today’s technological environment, we are being bombarded and overwhelmed with more frequencies than the nature of our bodies are designed to receive.

Countless modern conveniences, such as cell/cordless phones, cell phone towers, radio stations, computers, WiFi, florescent lighting, etc, constantly emit EMFs. Wearing a QBC allows us to counteract these chaotic frequencies, resulting in a natural grounding effect and stabilized energy field.

Which QBC do I need?

chakraWell, it depends. You may well need different ones for different days.

First you can chose one by color. Each of your chakra energy centers is associated with a particular color. You can look at the chart to determine the right one.

The link above will take you to our Guide to Crystal Healing where you can learn more

Or, you can choose the color by how you feel or by what other colors you are wearing.

Or, you can choose the color by the essence of the crystal. “I glow”, “I Am”, “I See” etc.

These essences are also found in the chart.

However, whatever the color, the crystal is infused with beneficial and specific frequencies, which optimize the health and vital energy of all living beings including plants and animals.

If you would like to know more about Crystal colors, click to visit our Crystal Colors Explained Guide.

The Guide tells you about each color and its effect on the human brain. Each of the colors is explained in detail, and the exact uses of the crystal colors is discussed.



Complete with brochure.

brochureEvert crystal comes with a complete guide. You will have a ready reference. Each crystal also comes with a small pocket guide. You will be quite pleased with your crystals, and you will have the information you need to understand how they work.

We are proud to present these great crystals. You will find yourself much more attuned with the natural cycles of the Earth while you are wearing them.

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