Olive Colored Crystals Explained

Olive Colored Crystals Bring You Awakening, Exuberance, Learning, and Meaning

Art By: Eric Grant

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Ollive SymbolWhen the vibrant green rays of growth combine with the yellow of pure sunshine, the powerful color ray of olive is produced. The combination awakens us to the possibilities that are rapidly developing. As life on Earth, still in high bloom, sees the promise of the approaching hot summer sun and a time of less vigorous, yet strong growth, we can use the olive crystals to focus our efforts that began well but now need strength to mature.

Olive help with learningPeridot is the best-known jewel that manifests its power through this color ray. It is one of the true birthstones of those born in the magical month of awakening, as the greens of spring are giving way to the bright yellows of the approaching summer (May 21–June 20).

Olive colored crystals help focus and enhance our early efforts to seek wisdom, lighting our path to understanding. Olive is the color ray of receptiveness to new meanings and ideas. Olive colored crystals are excellent to help you in the beginning of a search for knowledge and enlightenment. It is the color of the acolyte, the apprentice, and the assistant.

Need Crystal Color
Awakening Olive colored crystal
Change Olive colored crystal
Enhanced listening skills Olive colored crystal
Independence Olive colored crystal
Finding meaning Olive colored crystal
Receptiveness Olive colored crystal
Regeneration Olive colored crystal
Sense of worth Olive colored crystal
Deal with Despondency Olive colored crystal


In its deeper tones, the olive colored crystal is the “Study Stone.” It reflects the birth of truth and harmony. It aids us in beginning long searches and quests for vision, insight, understanding, and wisdom.. Dark olive crystals s are excellent for achieving goals that need deep constancy and long-term purpose—not wild, exuberant growth, but the slow, steady development and deep caring of a life’s calling.

Need Crystal Color
Capable Dark Olive colored crystal
Self Development Dark Olive colored crystal
Better Grades Dark Olive colored crystal
Intelligence Dark Olive colored crystal
Learning Dark Olive colored crystal
Problem Solving Dark Olive colored crystal
Success in School Dark Olive colored crystal
Curing ignorance Dark Olive colored crystal

The lighter shades of olive have a very special purpose: perseverance in quests for enlightenment, deep wisdom, and understanding of the natural universe. They aid in efforts that require deep concentration and painstaking accuracy. They help you in your efforts to strengthen your resistance, determination, and endurance for mental challenges, particularly those of long duration.

Need Crystal Color
Concentration Light Olive colored crystal
Determination Light Olive colored crystal
Diligence Light Olive colored crystal
Discipline Light Olive colored crystal
Endurance Light Olive colored crystal
Motivation Light Olive colored crystal
Perseverance Light Olive colored crystal
Resistance Light Olive colored crystal
Ease failure Light Olive colored crystal


For more information on the power of Olive colored crystals read The Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans.

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