The Spirit Keepers of the Native Americans are powerful forces in the spirit world. Each has a stone totem on the Medicine Wheel. Each aids your travel around the wheel in different times and in different ways. There are guides for each of them to explain how they can be brought into your life in times of need. This guide will help you bring each of them into your spirit, as you need their help.

There are only a few steps to contacting and connecting with a Spirit Keeper - Mudjekeewis, Wabun, Shawnodese, or Kabibonokka.

Smudge Stick

In order to contact your Spirit Keeper, you must first gather the things you will need, then you must find a location that is suitable – one in which you will not be distracted or your mind disturbed.

You will need the appropriate Spirit Keeper crystal totem, a shell or bowl, a feather, dried sage, matches or a lighter. A complete Medicine Wheel is highly desirable, but you can contact a Spirit Keeper with just his crystal totem. So, on to the first step.


Native American Smudging

Many Native Americans, (as well as many non-Native healers) believe that before a person can be healed or helped, they must be cleansed and rid of any negative energies. We certainly agree. Negativity is a powerful force of harm. The cleansing allows the positive healing energies a clear path. To cleanse yourself and your spirit, by smudging, place your dried sage in your bowl or shell. Carefully light the sage until you notice a small flame or see smoke rising. Once the smoke is consistent use the feather to draw a bit of the smoke towards you. First, direct the cleansing smoke towards your head to clear your thoughts. Move on by directing the smoke to your heart, to free it of bad feelings, and allow it to become connected with everything in a loving way. Next, move the smoke towards your arms to allow your physical strength to continue to grow. Lastly, move the smoke towards your back so you can always have good support for your head.

Once you have smudged yourself and cleansed negativity, allow yourself to feel deeply relaxed - breathe slowly. Once you feel cleansed and ready (you will know when you are), go ahead and smudge your Spirit Keeper crystal. Once you have done that, you are ready to meditate and contact a Spirit Keeper.

Crystals of Your Spirit Keepers

Now, sit quietly, and focus your mind on the Spirit Keeper you wish to contact. Sit holding the Keeper's crystal or sit near it if you have it on a Medicine Wheel. Close your eyes and begin your meditation by visualizing the Spirit Keeper. While visualizing, be sure to breathe deeply and relax once again. Clear your mind completely. If you have a difficult time seeing the Keeper, hold his crystal in both hands. This creates a power bond and will facilitate your meditation.

Meditation at Sunset

Not sure what meditation is? Meditation is when you allow your mind to go into a state of deep peace and thoughtless awareness. Thoughtless awareness occurs when you do not think of the past or future. You simply become an empty vessel awaiting the spirits, ready to receive their energy, guidance, and presence.

Asking Your Keeper Questions

Once you are connected with the Spirit Keeper, in your mind, ask him the questions that you need help with. To be sure you are actually receiving his help, ask him if you are experiencing his power or energy. Your mind and body will both know the answer. Once the Keeper is finished answering your questions, remember to ask if there are any tasks you could do for him or any offerings to fulfill. After, thank him for all of his help and open your eyes. Reflect on your encounter. This is the time where you reflect on everything the Keeper had to say to you. Some people record their experiences. That is entirely up to you, but it is a good practice. Don't forget to fulfill anything the Spirit Keeper asked of you in return for his guidance and spirit.

Put your Spirit Keeper crystal totem back on the Medicine Wheel, or if your wheel is not set up, put the crystals away in a safe place.

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