The North is the direction of magic, destiny, and self-knowledge. Father Sun is gone from the sky, now ruled by Grandmother Moon, and night is upon us. Men and women are in the winter of their lives, the earth is cold, and dark.

The North Wind brings us the reflection of poetry, dreams, and remembrances. North is the direction of night, wisdom, and actualization of intentions. It is the direction of the embodiment of the spirit. It is the gateway to what is coming next.


The North Wind teaches us to take comfort in a life well lived and to be serene in the knowledge that new generations of life will continue to travel the wheel.

Here is where the journey to bodily health and healing issues of the body takes on its tough challenges. The North Wind brings us to the Spirit Path of physical health and healing. This is the path of cleansing and renewal. The Spirit Path that begins here travels to the strength of purity.

When to Visit

Visit the North Wind when you seek to find physical strength to overcome harshness and difficulties and pain. Seek the guidance of its Spirit Keeper, Kabibonokka, when your body is troubled.


If you need to sort out your health, understand your body and its strengths and weaknesses, visit the North Wind on the Wheel.

You should also visit the North Wind and gather its spirit when you need to become physically strong and get over physical injuries and sickness. Come here to listen to your body. As Grandmother Moon rules the night, so can you recharge and prepare for a new day.


The Crystal Totem

The crystal totem for the North Wind is the beautiful Amethyst. It is also the color for the north on the Color Wheel of Life.

Amethyst brings mystery, mastery, imagination, and self-knowledge to this position on the wheel.

It is the red-violet ray that connects both time and color. It leads from the old year to the new and connects the red end of the visible spectrum to the violet at the other end of our perception.


This potent, powerful color brings things together, wraps them around, and solidifies them.

It connects beginnings to ends, joins life to new life, and makes the great circle of life complete once again. It captures the dying rays of the sun and sends the message that winter is arriving.

In this way, amethyst is the color of creativity. As the world begins to cycle through a time of renewal once again, creating the means for the rapid growth of the new spring, we too prepare for new creations by allowing a quiet time of reflection and insight.

This color ray, amethyst, the color of the gemstone of the same name, is the color of natural birthstones of those born as the old year wanes and the new is about to arrive at the winter solstice (November 21 - December 20).

The color ray amethyst combines the fiery passion of the red ray tempered with the intuition of the violet ray. In doing so, it helps us see with both our emotions and our logic.

Can there be any more potent combination than imagination and passion? This combination makes amethyst the color ray of vision, insight, and self-knowledge.

The Animal Totem

The animal totem of the West Wind is that of its Spirit Keeper, Kabibonokka, the buffalo. Our buffalo brothers and sisters give of themselves to feed and nourish us. The buffalo spirit is that of giving and sacrifice for others.

To many tribes, the buffalo was a necessity to living successfully. Once killed, every part of the buffalo was used including bones and skin to make houses, clothing, or tools while the meat was used for food.

Inviting the Energy

To bring the energy of the North Wind into your life...focus on understanding your body and its strengths, use an  Amethyst to call upon the Spirit Keeper of the Wind, Kabibonokka, and let your body be strong like the winds from the north.

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