Healing the Spirit

The Path of Spiritual Growth and Healing extends into the inner circle and to the Creator stone from the West. The journey is aided by the spirit keeper of the West, Mudjekeewis, his animal totem, the Bear, and by the spirit of the West Wind. The journey has three stones: the Experience Stone, the Introspection Stone, and the Strength Stone. Each of these stones will help you on your journey around the medicine wheel as you seek to develop a healthy mind and body. The journey to heal the spirit begins at the West Wind stone, and continues here, with the Experience Stone.

The Experience Stone


Crystal Totem:    Hematite
Animal Totem:    The Whale
Color:    Steel Gray
Path:    First Stone of Spiritual Path
Wind:    West
Spirit Keeper:    Mudjekeewis


The Experience Stone Location on The Native American Medicine Wheel
The Experience Stone on the Medicine Wheel

The first stone on the Path of Spiritual Health and Healing from the West in our Medicine Wheel is the Stone of Experience. The stone is Hematite, and the Spirit Guide animal is the whale.

Experience is the place on the wheel you begin your spiritual journeys. We all gather experience as we travel the wheel in our lives. We gain experience by developing skills, gain expertise through training, and learn by doing things. But we must stop and reflect on them to begin to understand the spirit of this universe and how we are as much spiritual beings as flesh and blood.


Come to this stone, the Hematite, when you are trying to make sense of your experiences in the context of your spiritual growth. You may be successful and talented, but is your spiritual growth commensurate? Are you seeking understanding of the duality of your nature? Do you need to gain the wisdom from your experiences? If so, spend time here at the Experience Stone.

Here you will contemplate the results of your actions. Have you learned from your triumphs and failures? Have you grown as you aged? Have you integrated the knowledge you have gained from your experiences?

We recommend deviating from the traditional single stone arrangement at this position. Rather, we suggest two hematite stones be placed. One represents your physical experiences, which should probably be a slightly larger stone. The second is a stone to represent your spiritual potential.

The Spirit Path of the West: Healing the Spirit - Whale

You can also use the animal totem for growing spiritually from your experiences – the Whale. The whale is an ancient species. As a species, it has “seen it all.” The whale is totem of beginnings, and the creation, and rebirth. It is the totem for your efforts to develop deeper awareness, gain understanding, and develop an expanded consciousness.

Use a whale totem to begin your journey of spiritual rebirth. Carry one or keep it near where you read, meditate, or study. It will help you on your journeys to the depths of your spiritual being.

Also, carry your Hematite with you. Treat it like a mirror. Look at it to see into yourself. See it reflect that which you have experienced.

Hematite is a recorder stone. It holds the memory of ancient times and places. It is a stone of remembering. It will aid you in your efforts to grow spiritually from your experiences.

The Intospection Stone


Crystal Totem:    Lapis Lazuli
Animal Totem:    The Mouse
Color:    Royal Blue
Path:    Second Stone of Spiritual Path
Wind:    West
Spirit Keeper:    Mudjekeewis


The Introspection Stone Location on The Native American Medicine Wheel
The Introspection Stone on the Medicine Wheel

The second stone on the path of Spiritual Growth and Healing is the Stone of Introspection.

Introspection is a difficult concept. It is the ability to see your own motivations – to read and understand your own mind.

Visit the Medicine Wheel and come to this stone often.

Reflection, contemplation, taking stock of one’s self, and other methods of understanding your actions and motivations are all ways to approach Introspection.

How can you understand the world and your place in it, if you cannot understand yourself?

Do you act in your best interests? Are you growing spiritually? Focus on finding the truths of the Universe as they pertain to you. They are within.

Lapis Lazuli

The Stone of Introspection is the beautiful Lapis Lazuli. This is an ancient stone of considerable lore and legend.

Lapis Lazuli is one of the most sought after stones in use since man's history began.

Its deep, celestial blue remains the symbol of royalty and honor, gods and power, spirit and vision. It is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth.

The crystal totem, Lapis, reveals your inner truth through self-awareness, and brings acceptance of that knowledge.  It allows emotional issues that have been repressed to surface, for examination and resolution, and gives you a clearer perspective of your life as a whole - your beliefs, your limitations, and your ability to  grow and how best to use your talents.

Instrospection Stone Mouse The mouse might seem an odd animal totem for introspection. However, consider the mouse is near-sighted, it does not see far, but it sees very well that which is right under its nose.

It lives in a small territory but knows it well. It can teach you to see what is in front of you, to have a keen appreciation of that which is close, and to know your small part of the universe can be all you need.

Look within, see the small picture and trust your life and your corner of the Universe is all that is needed for spiritual fulfillment.

The Strength Stone


Crystal Totem:    Amber
Animal Totem:    The Ant
Color:    Yellow
Path:    Third Stone of Spiritual Path
Wind:    West
Spirit Keeper:    Mudjekeewis


The Strength Stone Location on The Native American Medicine Wheel
The Strength Stone on the Medicine Wheel

The third stone on the Spirit Path of the West is the stone of Strength. It is a stone of spiritual courage, stamina, and strength.

It is a stone of truth and the courage of convictions. It is a stone of faith. This is where you come when your fundamental beliefs are in need of strengthening.

When you want to know your real relationship with your Creator, you come here.

Strength Stone Ant

The Animal Totem is the Ant, capable of lifting and carrying something that weighs four times its own weight. This is quite a feat of strength.

Ants also accomplish a great amount because of their social structure. They achieve their purpose no matter what is going on around them, working literally "beneath the feet" of most other animals.  Spiritual strengh comes in many guises.

Consider the lessons you might heed from the ant.

Amber The crystal totem of the Stone of Strength is Amber. Amber is a fossilized resin from a now extinct tree.

Though the trees are gone, the amber continues to exist. Amber discourages negativity, weakness, or lack of persistence.

Amber will help you to persevere, to continue your growth, and to always continue your spiritual journey.

Healing the Spirit is a part of the journey around the Medicine Wheel. It is an important part of anyone’s journey in this life. Come here often to renew your spirit.


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