On the Native American Medicine Wheel there are four spirit paths. Each leads from a Spirit Keeper to the sacred center space of the wheel where true spiritual enlightenment is found.

Stepping Stones

The paths extends inward from the outer circle of life depicted by the Spirit Guides and the annual moons to the inner circle of seven stones that represent the elements of life depicted by The Creator, Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, Earth Mother, the Turtle Clan (earth), Frog Clan (water), Thunderbird Clan (fire), and Butterfly Clan (air).

On each path are three stones representing the steps on the paths to the center of our lives and enlightenment.

The path from the North is the path of physical health and healing. The stepping stones are Cleansing, Renewal and Purity. The Spirit Keeper for walking this path is Kabibnonokka.

The path from the East is the path of a sound mind and healing the mind. The stepping stones are Clarity, Wisdom, and Illumination. The Spirit Keeper for walking this path is Wabun.

The path from the South is path of healthy emotions and emotional healing. The stepping stones are Growth, Trust and Love. The Spirit Keeper for walking this path is Shawnodese.

The path from the West is the path of the spirit and spiritual healing. The stepping stones are Experience, Introspection, and Strength. The Spirit Keeper for walking this path is Mudjekeewis.

Yin Yang

These four paths are roadmaps of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual journeys each of us takes during our lives. We come to the paths for help on that journey, drawing strength and guidance from the Wheel.

Journey with us on a guided tour of each path. We will explore the path and focus on each of the stepping stones.

You will gain an appreciation for using the wheel to walk your path in life in a happy and successful way.

The important thing to remember about the pathways is that even though each is primarily a path of a particular strength and healing, they are not independent.

For example while the path from the north is the one of physical healing, your physical health is not independent of your emotional health, your spiritual health or your mental health.

The first stone on that path, Cleansing has applications to all elements of health.

So as you walk the Wheel, explore all aspects of the pathways as you seek your truths and life goals.

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