Rest and Cleansing Moon

Rest and Cleansing Moon

“Life is a circle, from birth to death to rebirth.  Humans, like the seasons, pass through many phases during their lives.  The moon stones of the Medicine Wheel give us a way of understanding and celebrating these changes.  The moon during which you were born determines your starting point on the wheel.”[1]

Otter Moon

Does your birthday swim between January 20th and February 18th?

If your answer is yes, then you are a child of the year’s second moon, the Rest & Cleansing Moon. It is the second moon of the Spirit Keeper, Kabibonokka.


Its animal totem is the friendly and cute Otter. It is a moon with the energy of the North Wind and the spirit of the Butterfly Clan bringing the spirit and energy of the element of Air.

The Rest and Cleansing Moon is one to help you with recharging your batteries, and with cleansing away the past troubles and difficulties that are still nagging at your happiness and wellbeing.

The stone totem for this moon is Silver.  Silver is an excellent, pure mineral, perfect for cleansing and renewal.

During this moon, use your silver. Wear it constantly. Place your silver totem on your medicine wheel and use it during your meditations. It will bring a cleansing strength to your body and soul.

The Rest and Cleansing Moon is also the moon of the Otter.

This totem brings different energies to this time of year.  On your journey around the Medicine Wheel, at times you will need to open your mind to a more playful state.

Holding Hands

Otters are one of the most friendly, cuddly, and lovable creatures you will come across. They spend their days having fun by playing games while in the sun.

During the Rest and Cleansing Moon, embrace your inner child and explore your imagination. Take some time off and splash around with friends and family. You will feel a refreshing wave crash over you.

When it is time to rest, otters join hands with their companions while lying on their backs in the water to keep each other from floating away. It brings them comfort and security.

Rest and Cleansing Moon with Crystal on Medicine Wheel

Like the otters, we enjoy sleeping in the arms of our companions to feel the same comfort and love. You will find the best companions are those of the Ducks Fly Moon (Sep 23 to Oct 23), the Budding Trees Moon (March 21 – April 19) and the Corn Planting Moon (May 21 to Jun 20).

Otters have a unique skill of discovery. They will dive into the deep depths of the ocean in search of edibles. They find oysters and other similar sea creatures. While lying on their backs, preparing to eat a meal, otters crack open the shells of their catch with their bare hands.

Like an otter, sometimes you must dive deep into your inner soul. You have to discover what hinders your positive energies.

Once you do, you will be able to cleanse the body and rid it of all negative energies. You will then be able to sleep peacefully once again to receive the full rest you need. When you need this help, seek the energy of the Rest and Cleansing Moon, its animal totem, the otter, and the energy of silver.

SilverThe Rest & Cleansing Moon’s crystal is silver. It has a rich tradition around the world as a stone of depth and wonder.

Use this crystal on your Medicine Wheel to tap into the powers of deep relaxation. You will receive the best results if you meditate tapping into the energy of silver.

Once you feel are able to rejuvenate easily, when you are comfortable diving deep into your inner soul and you can regularly cleanse yourself of negativity, and when you find you regularly sleep peacefully, you will be ready to proceed on your life’s journey moving on to the energy of the next moon.

Remember, the playful Otter will always be with you in spirit.


[1] Bear, Sun, Dancing With the Wheel


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