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The Moons of the Medicine Wheel

The Moons of the Medicine Wheel

"Life is a circle, from birth to death to rebirth. Humans, like the seasons, pass through many phases during their lives. The moon stones of the Medicine Wheel give us a way of understanding and celebrating these changes. The moon during which you were born determines your starting point on the wheel."[1]

Moons of the Medicine Wheel

There are twelve moons on our medicine wheel.[2] The moon circles the earth in 29 and a half days. That means the moon circles the earth twelve times a year.[3] Like the Wheel of Life and other representations of the cyclic nature of our Universe and our lives in it, the Medicine Wheel marks the passages of time in the year and in our individual lifetimes.

The moons mark the "stepping stones" around the wheel making it a "moon calendar". You can easily know under which moon you were born, and you can easily know which moon we are currently experiencing. This guide makes that easy. Just look at the table.

What is more probematic is understanding that each moon is also a passage in your life, and you move from moon to moon as you grow and mature. Each brings a spirit and energies to a part of your life. You must not stagnate in one moon, but progress around the Medicine Wheel gaining the strength, wisdom, power, and knowledge of each moon.

Click on any moon to learn more. And… If you found this page from a search engine, or came here directly, please consider going to our Introduction to the Medicine Wheel page. This page is one of the pages of the Guide to the Medicine Wheel and Crystal Totem. You will find the rest of the Guide as links from the Introduction to the Medicine Wheel page.


Moon (animal totem)


Crystal Totem

Earth Renewal (Snow Goose) Moon

Dec 22 to Jan 19

Clear Quartz

Rest and Cleansing (Otter) Moon

Jan 20 to Feb 18


Big Winds (Wolf) Moon

Feb 19 to Mar 20


Budding Tree (Hawk) Moon

Mar 21 to Apr 19

Fire Opal

Frog Return Moon (Beaver) Moon

Apr 20 to May 20


Corn Planting Moon (Deer)

May 21 to June 20

Moss Agate

Strong Sun (Flicker) Moon

Jun 21 to Jul 22


Ripe Berries (Sturgeon) Moon

Jul 23 to Aug 22


Harvest (Brown Bear) Moon

Aug 23 to Sep 22


Duck Fly (Raven) Moon

Sep 23 to Oct 23


Freeze up (Snake) Moon

Oct 24 to Nov 21


Long Snows (Elk) Moon

Nov 22 to Dec 21


[1] Bear, Sun, Dancing With the Wheel

[2] Our medicine wheel is from Sun Bear, and his writings. There are many varients of Medicine Wheels in Native American cultures. You are encouraged to find your own adaption of this approach to understanding the world around us and our place in it. A great source is the Western Washington University Planetarium website to learn many tribes’ names for the moon. Find them at

[3] Now there are actually 12.37 moons. So over time, the moon cycle will vary with the actual seasons. We standardize them here for practical reasons anchoroing them to the Solstices and Equinoxes.