Note: The Elemental Clan into which you are born (see Birth Totem Chart), represents which element (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) that you relate to, share characteristics with, and have a personal responsibility for. Clans in this respect are not to be confused with Tribal Clans, such as family groups.

Quick Reference Guide
Stone #:    5
Moons:    Harvest Moon, Frogs Return Moon,
and the Earth Renewal Moon
Element:    Earth
Colors:    Olive, Green, and Turquoise
Crystal:    Petrified Wood


The Turtle Clan is the Clan that is associated the Element  of “Earth” and with the Harvest Moon (Aug 23 to Sep 22), the Frogs Return Moon (April 20 to May 20), and the Earth Renewal Moon (Dec 22 to Jan 19).

If you were born in any of these times you are a member of the Turtle Clan and ruled by the element of Earth.

It is ruled by crystals of olive, green, and turquoise.

The Turtle Clan, the Clan of Earth, is filled with stable, practical, and grounded people with an appreciation of the Earth and its elemental energy.

Like the earth itself, tribe members appear simple, but when you get to know them you begin to see the complexity and the little details that make them special. They are known for being able to express emotion, and connect with other parts of the planet. They have a special affection for all that the Earth has brought forth in this Universe.

Turtle Clan Stone Location on The Native American Medicine Wheel
Location of The Turtle Clan
on The Medicine Wheel

If you are a member of the Turtle Clan hold the Earth sacred in your heart and care for her.  It is your special trust in the Universe.

But, you do not need to be born into the Turtle Clan to gain strength and perspective from them.

If you feel unbalanced or having a hard time expressing your emotions you should bring their spirit into your life.

If you want to develop a kinship with all life on this planet learn from the Turtle Clan.

Gain knowledge from Mother Earth and the tribe members about becoming grounded and getting to that point of solid growth.

The Turtle Clan is ruled by three colors - olive, green, and turquoise.


These colored crystals hold special energies for the people born under the moons of this clan.

When you want to be connected to Mother Earth, use crystals and stones of olive, green, and turquoise in your life.

Wear them, bring them into your home, and give them to others.

Continue reading to become better acquainted with the Turtle Clan.

The legend goes, once, a small group of turtles were residing in a decent size pond, but on the hottest day of summer, the sun evaporated the crystal blue water.

Every turtle, except one, for he was extremely sluggish, left the dust hole hoping to locate a new liquid filled home.

Skennen, the turtle who had stayed behind, never really used his muscles since the flow of the water against him allowed him to travel.

When he tried leaving with the others, he just could not move, no matter how much effort was put forth.


Eventually the blazing sun bubbled and blistered Skennen’s weakened shell. The pain throbbed through his body.

Skennen could no longer handle such torture, so he shed off his swollen shell.

Now he was unprotected, but freedom rushed through his veins, pumping excitement.

Taking this advantage to move unencumbered, he also left without taking one look behind him.

Through his adaptions to this new life, the once lazy turtle transformed into a strong man.

This man took the knowledge of the turtle and shared it amongst others who named themselves the Turtle Clan: the people of the Earth.

Skennen taught people to be “grounded”, meaning to have a good head on their shoulders while being well-balanced.

Skennen walked the Earth with the clan, making friends with every part of Mother Nature and her children.

For Turtle Clan members, use Petrified Wood as your totem.

Petrified Wood

Keep it in your home, and keep a piece as a treasured talisman in your pocket or around your neck. The Petrified Wood will keep your love of nature and love of life on Earth strong and vibrant.

It will ground you in the real world, and help you appreciate your place here on Mother Earth.

To gain from the spirit of the Turtle Clan, even if you were not born under one of its moons, use their totem – Petrified Wood.

Bring it into your home and let its spirit fill your spirit.  Spend time contemplating the bounty of Mother Earth, and giving thanks for the benefits she brings to your life.

If you can find a carving of a Turtle in petrified wood, by all means aquire it.  Place it near where you spend quiet time.  It will be a powerful totem for your efforts and a boon to your spirit.

Another interesting way to connect with the Turtle Clan is to receive the gift of the sun and moon to the clan.

Turtle Clan Crystal Location on The Native American Medicine Wheel
Petrified Wood used for the Turtle Clan

The sun and moon will give deserving Turtle Clan members a beautiful stone or crystal. It is revealed to them at an odd time, in an odd place.

Usually it is not a particularly remarkable stone, but the sun or moon will illuminate it in such a way as the Turtle clan member will be attracted to it and pick it up.

When a member receives his or her crystal, he or she should carry it or place it in an honored place in their home.

These crystals generate closeness between earth and human.

So, if you wish to join the Turtle Clan, watch for the sun or moon to give you a crystal or stone.


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