Note: The Elemental Clan into which you are born (see Birth Totem Chart), represents which element (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) that you relate to, share characteristics with, and have a personal responsibility for. Clans in this respect are not to be confused with Tribal Clans, such as family groups.

Quick Reference Guide
Stone #:    8
Moons:    Rest and Cleansing Moon,
Corn Planting Moon, and the Ducks Fly Moon
Element:    Air
Colors:    Blue, Indigo, and Violet
Crystal:    Azurite

The Butterfly Clan is the Clan that is associated with the Element of Air and with the Rest and Cleansing Moon (Jan 20 to Feb 18), Corn Planting Moon (May 21 to June 20), and the Ducks Fly Moon (Sept 23 to Oct 23).

If you were born in any of these times you are a member of the Butterfly Clan and ruled by the element of Air.

The Butterfly Clan is ruled by three colors – blue, indigo, and violet. It’s crystal totem is Azurite - the incredible blue stone!

The Butterfly Clan, the Clan of the Air Element, is composed of people that live in the moment, exploring, wandering, and looking for what is new.

Read on to become acquainted with the legend of this clan, and to learn more about its medicine, and how you might access it through the blue, indigo, and violet crystals.

Butterfly Clan Stone Location on The Native American Medicine Wheel
Location of The Butterfly Clan
on The Medicine Wheel


Just as the Element of Air is being constantly renewed by the wind, so too are Butterfly people constantly being transformed. You may be of the Butterfly Clan if you seek and welcome change. If you want to find new ways to do things, or new ways to help others, you may need the strength of the Butterfly Clan energies.

If you feel unbalanced or having a hard time expressing your emotions you should bring their spirit into your life.




The Butterfly Clan, as the Elemental Clan of the Air Element, is ruled by three colors – blue, indigo, and violet.


Stones and crystals of these hues can help you connect to the energy of the Butterfly Clan, and aid your efforts at transforming part of your life.

These colored crystals hold special energies for the people born under the moons of this clan.

Wear them, bring them into your home, and give them to others.

One day, while watching over his creations, the Creator felt as if something was missing. The Creator realized what it was. He quickly gathered in the light from the sun, some songs from the birds, and the colors of falling leaves. He mixed it all with the sound of children’s laughter. He placed this all in a bowl in a meadow where children could find it.

When some curious children found and uncovered the bowl, millions of butterflies burst out of captivity, circling the children. They played with the butterflies until late that night. The following morning was filled with disappointment for the children could not find the butterflies.

The Creator watched the confused expressions the children wore, and decided to teach them an interesting lesson. That evening, the Creator returned to the meadow before the children were about to head on home. As you can guess the children did not hesitate to ask what had happened to the butterflies.


Guiding the children towards the nearest tree, he showed them caterpillars making cocoons. He explained that in order to be beautiful, admired, and respected, the caterpillars have to undergo a transformation.

The Creator first advised the children to give the butterflies blue, indigo, and violet stones to help them transform.

The next day, the children were again disappointed. They went to the tree but found empty cocoons. One child happened to look up. There in the tree were the butterflies just waiting for them.

This time when the children went home, the butterflies followed them, and thus the tribe became the Butterfly Clan, the clan of the Air and the joy of children.

So, if you seek a metamorphosis in your life, and want to gain your beautiful wings, join the Butterfly Clan. It will not only help when striving to better your physical being, but will transform you into a new spiritual one as well.

For Butterfly Clan members, use Azurite as your crystel totem.


Keep it in your home, and keep a piece as a treasured talisman in your pocket or around your neck. Azurite was sacred to both the Egyptians and Native Americans. It is a powerful amulet of protection from physical harm.

To gain from the spirit of the Butterfly Clan, even if you were not born under one of its moons, use their crystel totem – Azurite.

Azurite cleanses and strengthens the emotional body, releasing stress and worry, and overcoming grief and sadness. It brings a healing light into consciousness allowing it to be infused into thoughts, feelings, words and action.

Join the butterflies, and engage your spirit – filling it with the life force of Air, and the wonderful crystals of Blue, Indigo, and Violet, particularly the beautiful Azurite.

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